Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow, Sorry I'm so late to hop on the band wagon.

Elder Robinson,
I'm not quite sure how this will work, I didn't know you'd have access to anything but your missionary email account, but it is awesome. Did you set this thing up before you left on your mission or did Ann do it? This will be a great way to share pictures and stuff. By now you should have gotten your first letter from us and can see how well potty-training, solids, home improvements and my running are progressing. If not, then in the same order the results are non-responsive, excellent, holy and fantastic. I guess these letters are public domain, so to make things more clear for those who didn't get the original letter- M doesn't like the bathroom, Abraham is eating 15+ oz of solids (veggies) (that's more veggies/day than Elder Robinson is eating at the MTC) a day, the house is great, Spencer is a terrific handyman/repair man, and I ran a half Marathon on Saturday. Actually, I ran to the Timp Temple and back. Quite the analogy when you think about actually working hard to go to the temple and then feeling jubilant and powerful after reaching your goal of being there.
Everything is really great though, we don't miss you yet either. (Or if we did we wouldn't tell you, in order to avoid any home-sickness problems you might get.) Heard you'd been quarantined. Hope that ends soon before you guys are packed 6 to a room there.
Love you lots, Amy

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