Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swine Flu Questions?

Hey Elder J!
Swine flu 'ey? What exactly does one do while quarantined? Are you quarantined (since you've spent all this time with your district)? Or are you and the other lone missionary going to class all by your lonesome? I guess it could be great one-on-one study time. Maybe you'll be teaching the other missionaries when they get out. How long are they under guard? ;) Do they get lessons while in jail? Or are they just sick? Not to worry, we're praying for you and them. You are right- extra prayers never killed anyone.
Not much is new around here. I am teaching swim lessons again and Paul and Sherry's. Hyrum didn't take a nap this morning while I taught, so yes, he's the grump of the wazoo. It makes me wonder why I agreed to teach with a one year old. He stands by the pool wanting to get in, or wanting me to hold him saying, "Mama!" Some of the moms watching him are better than others at distracting him... others.... Well, he can definitely say Mama!
Sorry this is short. Know that we're praying for you and that we think of you often.
Love, love, love, love
The other Elders

(sadly the picture didn't go through... so we followed up with....)

We thought of you, when you were blue
(or maybe green as the case may seem...)
We found a pic
of a pig who looked sic(k).
Which we couldn't send
now this letter must end.
So we'll take a sad bow
hope you laughed anyhow.
sending love
from here and above
not from welders
but from the Elders

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