Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We have now entered Week 6. Now how do we learn Spanish?

Dear Family,

the shift key does not work, so i am not going to use it. sorry about the pain it may cause some of you to read such an uncivilized email.

that quote in the subject bar is brought to you by elder allen. we were sitting in class on wednesday and it hit us that we only had 3 weeks left. his reply: "now how do we learn spanish?" bueno no?

shout out: everyone that i ever looked up to. i was going to bed last night and i was thinking about home (odd, i never think about home, but yet i had a real desire to be home, i miss you guys). and i realized that there were so many people that i never thanked for their example before i left. grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles, cousins, family, parents, everyone. if i did not say it before, "thanks for being a great example to me!"

second item of business: I like the MTC. (Wow! the shift key started working!?) Elder Griswold and I are getting along great. We had a really good companionship inventory and we are now moving forward at a unified pace. We also had a really cool talk last night about our District which lead to a really cool meeting that we called for our District. We only have 3 weeks left and Elder Griswold and I felt that the group was not progressing fast enough with Spanish.

speaking of spanish (shift key is gone again): i taught a lesson this week in pure spanish. yes, it may have been something like: cuando jesucristo estaba en la tierra el establico su iglesia.... fantastico no! perro, el gente en jerusalen rechezado su ensenanzas y jesucristo fue... see it is not a very complete lesson, and it has a lot of: pero, fantastico!, no? preguntas? in it, but i think we got the basic jist across. spanish is coming, and in three weeks i will need to be speaking it purely whether i like it or not. (by the way, English is bobo).

Oh! The shift key is working again! Elder Griswold and i were studying in the (shift key de muerte!) book of enos when we came across the words "(the people) were hard to understand." and we could not figure out why enos would have written such a phrase. (enos 1:22?) anyway, we came up with some really cool ideas but when it came down to it... we really did not have an answer. we gave up and went to the referal center (rc). we both have real live investigators in the rc, i work with a guy named paul, who is a methodist, and elder griswold works with a man by the name of erik. we were going to call them back, but we were unable to get ahold of them. we decided to spend our time with the "chats." the first person that logged onto our system was really facinating to talk to. he was well versed in many scriptures, and he had once prayed daily, but had somehow been disenchanted by religion. the odd thing: everything he believed in, which was mainly knowledge, pointed toward god and religion. however, nothing we said or he knew, nothing would convince him that religion was real. he made absolutely no sense. we could not understand him. he became frustrated with us and quickly terminated the conversation. he left us with these words, "to understand faith you must close the eye of reason." he was right! (benjamin franklin). not many things in the gospel make sense logically (2 beings can create a world, men can rise from the dead, closing your eyes and mumbilng some words can be heard by the supreme creator of the universe....). elder griswold and i could not understand why this guy was disenchanted by religion when everything he believed pointed to religion and a higher power. elder griswold and i had both said "this guy is hard to understand." after our appointment it hit us... the words of enos "(the people) were hard to understand." i think i now understand what enos was saying. sometime people just don't make any logical sense. why wont they just repent and live the greatest thing that has ever been known in the universe?

it is little things like that that happen EVERY DAY (caps lock works) that let me know that the lord is working in my favore. elder griswold and i recieve answers from the strangest sources sometimes. it is cool being a missionary, i seem to get more answers than i used to and elder griswold put it "either we are recognizing blessings better, or we are finally unified enough to recieve daily revalation." and it is so true. i don't want to stop being a missionary. it is way to cool. i cant believe i have only 23 months left! loco no?


hey! thanks for the letters this week. i enjoy hearing from all of you. i will get some pictures out to people next week.

mom: my call? i don't now where it is. it is in my room... but where... i have not visited it for 5 weeks. i love you tons!

dad: your letter was great, i really enjoyed reading it. you and mom should definitly keep going to the temple. i like it there. however the temple here, as you found out, is closed. we will be able to go in a week or so. thanks!

spencer: what are you up to? no letters? padowan.

amy: great race! wow! i am super excited for you. sorry about the ankle. you should probably stop helping people or making people food. it is a dangerous world out there.

ann: i love your letters. thanks for the updates. i enjoy hearing about the outside world.

jeff: rocks

leif: um... yeah, about that.

christy: you are pregnant! wow! super exciting. have you though about the name jeremiah yet? you probably should get on that. oh, tell leif that i miss him.

dan: go play spencer in risk, without him being beat every sunday by me he might get a little big in the head.

did i miss anyone? sorry if i did. hey, when does this monsoon season end? i am at a loss. make sure this email gets out to everyone. i miss you all and i only have 3 weeks left here at the mtc. when i get to ecuador i might stop sending letters, email will be so much easier.

the elder who can't figure out why he likes haircuts so much

elder robinson

ps. i hurt my knee

pps. we get to listen to a prophet in a few hours. fantastico no!? it is the mission president seminar and the 12 are swirling around the mtc. not that we ever see them, but i am convinced that this is the only time i will see 19 year old men act like little girls in a model shop:

"oh my goodness! is that elder anderson?" (heads turn, crowds go silent... and then...) "Nope, false alarm" (as we have to pick up the dead bodies of elders that were trampled in the minature stampeed for a better look...)

ppps. i forgot something again. we should work on that.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the Maas'

Elder Jethro
Is it really true that your stay in the MTC is almost finished? (not that I'm counting down or anything)

Not much has happened but I still wanted to drop a line...lets see what I can come up with.

1. Mom and Dad sent us a REALY cool gift. They sent us 1/4 violin for the kids! They are sooo excited. I am arranging for a mom/daughter lesson with my friend who teaches and hopefully Ehre can build a stronger interest in music and the violin (can't be much stronger, she is allready pretty excited)

2. Jeff and Ben were sick yesterday so they stayed home....and slept like the whole day. Not swine flue, but what ever it was I'm glad that they are feeling better now. Jeff's weekly email should come soon, now that he's feeling better. :0

3. Summer school...well I feel like I am finally gettting a handle on German. But I still have so much to learn. I wonder if I could apply for the Gift of Tongues. :)

4. I am taking a self defense class (RAD) its really cool, I think about you alot in there and wonder if I am learning any of the same techniques taht you learned in your martial arts course at BYU. All I can say is that I've learned some pretty hard core/painfull techniques, so no one better bug me!

5. Speaking of someone that bugged me, I got out of my car at Walmart and my door taped the car next to me (so lightly!) I apologized to the man and checked his car, good think I hit the rubber strip, and what did he do?! He reached over to his pasenger side and threw open his door into mine. He was in a SUV so guess what I now have a 2" dent in my car! So frustrating! People can be so mean, hopefully you don't run into that personality type on your mission, they are trouble!

6. Fathers Day was Sunday, I bought Jeff a basket ball but a week ago he mentioned that he didn't like the game, so I had to go shopping agin. The kids and I bought him a ice/shaver and blueraspberry topping so that he can make his own snowcones this summer (yes you will be jealous when you are in the field, and want one! I'd mail you one too but it won't get past customs)

7. Ben can dribble a basket ball it is so cute. I should clarify that he bounces the ball and then taps his hand on top so it looks like he is dribbling but, hey he's learning!

8. Ehre is loving her craft time at school. When she focuses she can color a nice picture and cut it out well too, but often she is like me and rushes things. Last week Jeff and I went in and talked to her class about Germany. Jeff showed pictures from his mission and then we gave them some good German "Lindt" chocolate. They loved it.

Other than these points, thats realy all that is going on. I love you and miss you. We are grateful for the blessings that come from having a missionary serve in our family.

Sorry today is a busy day so I didn't spell check!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 Weeks Left!

Dear Family and hopefully some friends who might be getting this, I am not sure,

    This week was boring. Here is a shout out to Jeff: Thanks so much for your letters. They are really great to read and really really funny. Talk about some really true insights, and yes, if my future wife is as ugly as my companion then I will definitely have some problems and nothing to look forward to in life. Thanks for the humor.

    Ok, maybe this week had a few interesting points. Mom sent me some great boxes. My district really enjoyed the peas, and the cookies and marshmellows were great, and wow, I and my district loved the boxes. Thanks so much, though I would not send me anymore stuff. I might get fat. I have gained about a pound. Don't worry, I started running again this week with my Zone Leader. He and I are determined to stay in shape. (his idea of a workout is a 50 minute run (around the MTC) with a 30 minute core workout afterwards... I should be back in shape shortly.)

    Ok, maybe this week had a really cool moment: I taught someone how to pray in Spanish, USING SPANISH! It was cool. Yeah, I can say things like:

    "Nosotros Vamos a ensenar usted como orar. Antes de nosotros oramos, quiero que inclene usted cabeza. quiero que cruize usted brazos. y (close) su ojo's.
Primero, Dicimos "Nuestra Padre Celestial"
etc...etc... It is coming slowly but surely. I should be able to spell the words correctly, spanish is all about sounding things out, but I don't have time to go through an entire prayer or to spellcheck.

    4 weeks left! Actually, it is 4 weeks and 3 days. Talk about a true drag. I mentioned this to my District Leader, and bless his heart, he is a little to stiff. His response was, "We should never count down, it is un-Christ-like" or something like that. Then I had to explain to him that I am not counting down because I am impatient with the MTC, I am counting down because I want to get to work. Please, I never want to be a District Leader. We need them, but it seems that they all become different people... not something I am interested in. I think I was called as a missionary because of who I am, I did need to rise to a higher standard, but I didn't need to leave my personality behind like I see so many missionaries do. (sidenote: my district leader told me not to count down (I count down for everything though, but I won't for the end of my mission, I never want this to end, I just want to get to work) and then today I had a disagreement with my companion about a rule, explained to my companion that the White Handbook was on my side, only to have my District Leader say, and these are his exact words, "Well, everybody does it, and I did it last week." Seriously! Wow, talk about committment. I think my district needs to relax in the areas there are no rules and then strengthen the areas there ARE rules. As you can see, I am kindof a little turbed by this whole issue. I don't think the White Handbook should be disregarded for ANY reason, even if other missionaries are.... and then I think that during MDT, when I am supposed to make my own decisions (MDT= Missionary Directed Time) my district leader should stop placing rules on me. Sorry family you had to hear my speal on that, it is just I stay quiet for 90% of my day because I don't really talk to my companion, and if I say something he will disagree with me, and then my district leader will side with him, so I keep all of these feelings to myself and then vent them to you every friday. I wish the Puerto Rico Elders were back.)

    Needless to say, Elder Griswold and I get along great for 70% of the time. We had a really good lesson this week in the TRC and I had a really powerful teaching experience with some of the new elders. I was assigned to teach with a new elder (they had been here for 20 hours) and we were to teach his companion and my companion about the restoration and pertain it to them as missionaries. I don't know why I did, but I had the feeling to relate the Restoration to Homesickness. I can't tell you what I said because I can't remember, however, the spirit was really strong and wow, I like the spirit.
    On this same note, my companion and I were teaching two other elders, like they were elders, and the stories we shared, and the way we related our message to their lives was really powerful. Now I just have to learn how to invite the spirit in spanish and I will be set.

    Christy is pregnant? What!?! No kidding? Did you say she was due on Leif's Birthday? Wow, I am so excited there will be another being running around when I get home. It will be so cool. Congratulations Christy! You should probably name him Casio, or Quartz, I have more names if you would like them.

    How is the family doing? How much rain have we received? What happens on the outside world? How are grandma and grandpa?

    Thanks for your letter dad. That was really cool. I liked it. Mom, thanks for the boxes. Amy, how did the race go? Thanks for your letters. Ann, yeah, I got the postcard, I miss you and Jeff. Christy, how is Hyrum? How is Leif? Spencer, do you still exist? I hope you got better, the flu is never fun. Anyway, I don't have much more to say.

The Elder who is absolutely loving the MTC, but wishes, sometimes, that his companion would not disagree with everything he said, even though it is in the white handbook, or on doctrine, just because he likes to disagree. The elder who now stays quiet.


Elder Robinson.

Did I miss something. I think I was supposed to say something.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tornado Warning

Elder Jethro (Your blog title by the way)-

Ok I am sitting here doing my homework...well not really I keep on getting distracted, but that's ok because school started today so homework mode really hasn't set in .... yet.

School: wow its going to be interesting 2 classes, 8 weeks, everyday....repetitious for sure! But hey when the summer is over I will only have 4 more classes till graduation....and dad never thought I'd graduate from college!

I'm reading for my Social Psychology class and it talks about the Reinforcement Theory. It mentioned that people have responses to stimuli, and used as an example a Tornado siren. They said that when people hear the sirens they run for a basement shelter.

That got me thinking...when we hear a siren the first thing we think is "will we really see a tornado today or just a bad thunderstorm for 10 minutes?" Its horrible to think that I really don't think we'll experience damage from a Tornado, yet since we've moved here we've had the siren's go off 5 times, and I've personally seen a funnel cloud.

This made me think, of the gospel and modern revelation. We've been told things will get worse and it will affect us personally. (This is the tornado siren) our response should be to be prepared (with the gospel) and immediately seek shelter (Keep faith in our Heavenly Father) but if I follow my previous pattern, then it appears that one day I'm going to be stuck outside in the middle of a Tornado. :(

Ok I'm rambling sorry. I hope that as you serve you will remember that you are also a siren. Telling the people of Ecuador that things will get worse, BUT you have a message that will prepare them to wait out the storm and come out safe in the end.

I love you, and hope that all is going well. Best of luck this week!


Ps. I went to my German class today, and Herr Schroeder didn't speak any English...at all!!!! Please know that as you are patiently working through your language courses, some one else in a different state totally understands what you are going through...though I only have it for a few hours each day!! :)
PPS. I really am going to send you pictures. I printed off my blog entry (well the last three actually) and it ended up being 20+ pages long, with all the pics so I need to weed out the ├╝neccisary ones and then I'll send you them! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

From the Elders

How 'bout, um, hah ha ha." (Leif's is actually closer to an evil cackle... He's dictating.... I'm typing.)
"Ok, how 'bout...cheetah, Jeremiah." (more cackling.)
"Uh um..."
"Sorry to hear about your sick district. Maybe it will be a nice Jacob (son of Lehi) in the wilderness experience where you come out learning lots even though it was hard and stuff."
"Prepare yourself for some good advice. Ready? I want you to remember when you get out into the field, there will be American missionaries, and "other" missionaries. Do everything you can to (he's thinking... slow down here, pause a bit...) avoid being a member of one of these groups. (I don't get it either...) What I mean is, you shouldn't allow segregation. You should mix and mingle with everyone. Each missionary should know that you would do anything to help them and to make the work go forward. If anything, err on the side of associating with the "other" missionaries. Always speak spanish, even to an American missionary."
"Anyway, keep up the good work. We're praying for you" (of course) "We feel like you're putting in a lot of effort and faith and feel like you will be blessed."
"That's all I have."
My turn.
I agree with Leif.
We sure do love you. "You can't just write about what I just wrote about- you gotta write your OWN stuff." -Leif
Love you lots missionary.
We'll write again soon.
Christy and Leif
PS One of your teachers is engaged to an old friend of mine. He said she paid your district a high compliment by saying you were some of the best missionaries she has ever taught. Keep up the good work.

Great Week


    I seem to have received a lot of answers I need to answer. I will try to answer all of them that I can remember.

1. Mom, I forgot to write the New Century Scholarship
2. Mom, I got the Visa
3. What else did you ask me?

4. Dad, I don't think I will need another suitcase, I will keep you posted though

5. See, I already have forgotten what everyone asked me. Oops, write me using dearelder with a whole list of questions that need to be answered and I will answer them. I will put the letter in a safe place so I will remember to answer the questions.

6. My actuall letter. Please sit back and enjoy.

Dear Family,

    This week was a blast. Spiritually speaking it was great. I wanted to start out with my favorite quote from this week:

"Her roomates were of exeedingly fine craftmanship- needless to say we enjoyed our visits. However, she had a friend of exeedingly curious craftmanship..."

-final quote from Elder Zenger

    That is my first topic. My district said goodbye to the Puerto Rico Elders Wednesday night. None of them got sick. Thanks for praying for them. Wednesday was a somber day. We all knew that it was goodbye but none of us really wanted it to happen. When you take 10 Elders, make them leave their families, stick them in the same classroom for 3 weeks for 8+ hours a day, have them play together, have them study together, and teach them the gospel... well, it is not very nice to split them up. Wednesday night our teacher had a lesson planned. We watched a talk from Elder Holland and at the end of the talk she asked us how our missions had already blessed our lives. Needless to say the spirit in the room was already strong. When people started testifying the spirit only intensified. The waterworks matched that of 10 year old little girls. I am not ashamed though. Everyone in the district has a super testimony and all of us has great respect for everyone. Maybe one day we will see them again. Goodbye Elders Radmall, Zenger, and Knudsen.

    Elder Bednar spoke to us on Tuesday. When he walked into the room I couldn't stop smiling for 10 minutes. We were singing a song, no one knew he was coming, and it was really cool to stand with 2000 missionaries and sing at the top of our lungs. His message was "How do I know if it is the Spirit or just me." His answer: DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!. Elder Bednar is one of my favorite speakers, and he is really funny ("General Conference is not the time to pop off, ok! We have to decree the mind and will of the Lord!") Here are some general points of the talk:
-Be at the MTC with whole heart, might, mind, and strength.
-The Lord does not have to smack us with the Holy Ghost to get us to do his will
-General conference is not the place to tell jokes (I think he was defending himself)
-Every good thought you have is inspired of the Holy Ghost.
-Every good thing comes from God
   He told us that even he, to an extent, cannot tell when it is the Holy Ghost or just his thoughts. He then told 3 stories that reitterated this point. The first story was about Germany, Elder Packer, and a 20 pound note (Dad sent this story to me in a letter a few weeks ago). The second story was about how he wanted to attened his sons basketball game, was at a priesthood meeting (he was Stake President), and decided that he really wanted to be there. So to justify leaving he took with him a Bishop that also had a son in the same basketball game and drove 4 hours to the game. His wife was glad he was there but was dissapointed that he would leave a meeting for a game. He thought he was just spending time with family. 6 months later the son of the Bishop he did take to the game died. The Bishop expressed great thanks for the only opportunity he had to see his son play in a State Championship- the game Elder Bednar took him to.
   The final story comes from last General Conference. Elder Bednar told us that the only people who know who is talking is the First Presidency. He gets a letter that says "Would you speak in the Sunday Morning Session of General Conference, you will be following Elder Oaks." And that is it. He does not know what others are talking on, does not know who is following him, nothing. He wrote a talk. Turned it in so it could be translated into 80 languages and then woke up one morning, two days before talks were due, and thought, "Oh, it would be nice to speak on temples." It just so happens that the person before him spoke on temples, he spoke of temples, and the person after him spoke of temples and then President Monson closed the session by speaking on the importance of temples. All of it was not planned nor known ahead of time. Elder Bednar found out when he sat down and the next speaker got up. He made the decision, but he was guided, and he did not even know it.
    As we become better and better our will and mind and choices will more accurately reflect the will of God. The Holy Ghost doesn't have to be the one to inspire us. So STOP WORRING ABOUT IT!

Wow, sorry if I sound like a missionary dork.

    Amy and Mom, thank you so much for the packages. They were really great. I think the paint masks were the best. I am also enjoying the American Flags. Mom, the Bran Muffins are awesome. I am still eating them and the cookies are amazing. Thanks. Wow, thanks everyone. I feel loved. And my district loves my family.

    Jeff. Thanks for your letters. I love hearing from you. I am loving the TRC, we actually had a great lesson with the spirit the other day.

    Ann. 50 percent spanish? Yeah right. Give me 2 more weeks. That is when I have to start teaching in Spanish. I can communicate in Spanish, but I am not very good at it yet. And I wanted to hit someone again this week, they never let me get a word in because I it takes me forever to formulate sentances in my mind. So much for the language task in the TRC every week.

    The RC is awesome. People like to hang up on me, and I think it is funny when people tell me that I am not a Christian. O'well. I have a message to share and if they are not willing to listen...

    What am I missing? There is so much I want to tell ya'll and I never remember what it is.

    Mom, one of my Presidents is a Dr. Johnson. Is he your doctor?

    Spanish is coming along great. I am learning lots. Things just take time. It is all starting to click now though.

    Did you get my pictures? What am I forgetting to mention? I don't know. AH! It was something mom asked me TWICE! Sorry about that.

    Love the Missionary that is well, no longer has to worry about the swine flu (Gripe de Suedo) (spelling on that is off) has a non swollen finger, and is loving life. Add Ruth to the Emails.

Love you all!

Elder Robinson

Friday, June 12, 2009

Letter from the Maas'

Hey how is it going? Did you receive our postcard from Philly? (Hopefully you have) There was a lot to see and we had a lot of fun. I will mail you a letter with pictures in it of our family, since you have no access to our blog. Hey do you have any friends that want to access the blog that can't?

Is the flu any better? Hopefully you are still healthy and sound, and not going crazy!

Jeff say's he'll write but he is busy catching up with work since our vacation. He says to remind you that you must ONLY speak Spanish. Push yourself and you'll do well. :) (Easier said than done, he gave me the same advice when I started with my German)

There really isn't anything new, but I wanted to make sure you knew that we were still praying for you and that we miss you.

Have a great day and a great weekend!

Love you!

Ps. Any funny mission stories yet?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swine Flu Questions?

Hey Elder J!
Swine flu 'ey? What exactly does one do while quarantined? Are you quarantined (since you've spent all this time with your district)? Or are you and the other lone missionary going to class all by your lonesome? I guess it could be great one-on-one study time. Maybe you'll be teaching the other missionaries when they get out. How long are they under guard? ;) Do they get lessons while in jail? Or are they just sick? Not to worry, we're praying for you and them. You are right- extra prayers never killed anyone.
Not much is new around here. I am teaching swim lessons again and Paul and Sherry's. Hyrum didn't take a nap this morning while I taught, so yes, he's the grump of the wazoo. It makes me wonder why I agreed to teach with a one year old. He stands by the pool wanting to get in, or wanting me to hold him saying, "Mama!" Some of the moms watching him are better than others at distracting him... others.... Well, he can definitely say Mama!
Sorry this is short. Know that we're praying for you and that we think of you often.
Love, love, love, love
The other Elders

(sadly the picture didn't go through... so we followed up with....)

We thought of you, when you were blue
(or maybe green as the case may seem...)
We found a pic
of a pig who looked sic(k).
Which we couldn't send
now this letter must end.
So we'll take a sad bow
hope you laughed anyhow.
sending love
from here and above
not from welders
but from the Elders

Quarantined District in the MTC

Elder Robinson and his companion are now the only two elders in their district that haven't been escorted to M4, (the building where they are holding all sick missionaries). It might be a longer stay at the MTC, since we don't think he'll get out by his original date.


J and Ames

Saturday, June 6, 2009

: 6-6-09 Jeremiah letter


My email time for the day is done so I am writing a short letter. My district is getting really sick. We thought we were out of the flu mess but Elder Sawyer tested positive for the flu (30 min. ago, 9:20 pm). We have not been sleeping well, some are coughing, and one has a fever and is sick. Nothing is life threatening but none of us can afford to be quarantined. 5 days separation would throw any of us too far behind. Please pray for my district. We are on medicine but we're still not feeling 100%.

No fear. Elder Griswold and Iare the only one who have had NO symptoms.

You son who can't fall behind while at the MTC,
Elder Robinson

By the time you get this it will probably all be over. But if not . . . extra prayer never killed anyone.

By the way - it probably is swine but it is too expensive to test for. Swine seems to be aggressive, not deadly. DON"T worry about me!

Pray for Elders Knudsen, Radmall, and Zanger. They really need to get to the Dominican Republic and will be delayed if they get sick.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I remembered!

Who won Survivor?
N Korea has Nukes? I guess GB was right.

Elder Robinson out.

Doreen Robinson

Captians Log: Elder Robinson

Stardate 09.5.6

Captains Log:

The days are dark. Something is in the air. Medical staff can't quite get their hands on what it is. I have lost over 120 soldiers in the past few days...

That will be too hard to write in the little time I have to write. Swine Flu hit the MTC. Crazy? Maybe, not really sure. We already have lots of rules, so if they added more I did not really notice them. Oh, besides the fact that an entire building is now used to cuarentine people, we only have plastic utensils and plates at meals, and people are missing. Hm... I did notice that much.

I am fine however. I hear that the news made it all out to be worse than it actually is. However, my district leader is in isolation. He came down with Type A flu and was moved to 4M (Quatro Muerte). We have not seen him for 3 days and won't until Monday morning. That is when his release is set for. He wrote us a note and said that loads of people were in there and that they all might have swine flu but it is too expensive to run the extra tests that would confirm it. They treat them all the same anyway. Another funny fact: I saw someone get escorted by MTC Security to 4M. That is how serious it is. They escort you around. Because my District Leader is in Isolation, I am in a 3some. It is now Elders Griswold, Robinson, and Thayne.

I got a haircut today. I love haircuts. However, Haircuts are given in 4M (the basement portion) somehow I left with a swollen finger. Don't quite know how that one worked out yet.

My spanish is on hold. I about killed someone the other day because I was so frustrated with their inhability to realize that I could not SPEAK THE LANGUAGE. It will come in time. But that person has really got to realize that it takes me about 20x longer for me to formulate my sentances than he and that he should really give me a chance to talk to "investigators" and not dominate the entire conversation. Needless to say, I said "Hola!" and then he said everything else. hm... We are working on that one. We have discussed it and we think we have a few solutions. We shall see.

I don't have much to say. It seems people have stopped sending me letters. When I don't have letters I don't have questions to answer. Ya'll should probably fix that. Hint?

The Temple was great today. Amy appears to have figured out when I will be there. And if she really did then I don't feel bad about disclosing it: 10 am on Fridays, but we usually hit the 10:20 or 10:40 session. I better not see any of you there. My district would never forgive me and I would probably never forgive any of you. but if you ever see me playing volleyball (which is all we play, no bother, I love it) don't let me see you.

Spencer, how does it feel to have graduated? You ready to move out? You ready to take on the world? I hope so. I felt the same way when I graduated. Then I found out that the world does not really care what an 18 year old boy has to say. Remind yourself of Joseph Smith. He was only 14. You can do it. Great job on getting a firefighter job. Is it hard? When will you work?

Amy, A half marathon? I did an ab workout the other night. Proud of me? My abs still hurt. Great job. Are you ready for the Wasach Back? Thanks for the pictures. I really enjoyed looking at them. I won't get rid of them.

Christy, Thanks for your and Leif Lief's letter. Really cool. I don't think I am going to eat 20+ eggs in one week. The food here is good but not that good. I really look forward to the Temple because we eat in the cafiteria there and the food is so much better. I am not complaining though. I am merely getting used to the same stuff over and over again.

I just mailed the family some pictures. I hope you get them. I am not sure how to send pictures over email yet. I will have to figure that out. You should probably get them in the mail Monday or Tuesday. Hope for Monday.

Dad, Thanks for the report on Stake Conference. I enjoyed reading it. I really liked the story about Elder Bednar. So did my companion. Keep me posted on stuff like that.

Mom, How is the garden? Chickens or Bees dead yet? Have weeds taken over? No! No! Claro que no!

Jeff, Did I mention in the last email that there are missionaries who change who they are just because they have an office? wow. you hit that one on the nail. O'well. It is kinda funny to watch.

Any questions? Contact me through DearElder.com It is very easy and I can read your letters during the week. Such a bonus.

Everything at the MTC is going great. I think I forgot something but I can't remember. I love you all and miss you. I should be out of here by July 20th. The Puerto Rico Elders get to leave in a week. They are transfered to the Dominican MTC for 5 weeks. Lucky.

I really think I am missing something. Give me a sec to think.

Um... Nope. I can't think of it. I probably will when I finally log out of this system.

Love you all. Enjoy the next week. I would love to hear from all of you!

Ann, thanks for the Blog thing. You can add whoever you want to it. Sounds like a cool site.

Mom, some people might drop by the house. Some people might contact you. I told them to do so. I hope they do.

Say hello to the Judd's for me. I will write them a letter next week. (Sam, Henery, etc...)

The Elder who is now on the bottom bunk, with a swollen finger, and is running out of time. Where does the Pday go?

"Nothing will help you" (said with lazer eyes and a hush)
-Medical Staff to Elder Allen concerning the flu and masks


Elder Robinson

Doreen Robinson

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow, Sorry I'm so late to hop on the band wagon.

Elder Robinson,
I'm not quite sure how this will work, I didn't know you'd have access to anything but your missionary email account, but it is awesome. Did you set this thing up before you left on your mission or did Ann do it? This will be a great way to share pictures and stuff. By now you should have gotten your first letter from us and can see how well potty-training, solids, home improvements and my running are progressing. If not, then in the same order the results are non-responsive, excellent, holy and fantastic. I guess these letters are public domain, so to make things more clear for those who didn't get the original letter- M doesn't like the bathroom, Abraham is eating 15+ oz of solids (veggies) (that's more veggies/day than Elder Robinson is eating at the MTC) a day, the house is great, Spencer is a terrific handyman/repair man, and I ran a half Marathon on Saturday. Actually, I ran to the Timp Temple and back. Quite the analogy when you think about actually working hard to go to the temple and then feeling jubilant and powerful after reaching your goal of being there.
Everything is really great though, we don't miss you yet either. (Or if we did we wouldn't tell you, in order to avoid any home-sickness problems you might get.) Heard you'd been quarantined. Hope that ends soon before you guys are packed 6 to a room there.
Love you lots, Amy