Sunday, June 14, 2009

From the Elders

How 'bout, um, hah ha ha." (Leif's is actually closer to an evil cackle... He's dictating.... I'm typing.)
"Ok, how 'bout...cheetah, Jeremiah." (more cackling.)
"Uh um..."
"Sorry to hear about your sick district. Maybe it will be a nice Jacob (son of Lehi) in the wilderness experience where you come out learning lots even though it was hard and stuff."
"Prepare yourself for some good advice. Ready? I want you to remember when you get out into the field, there will be American missionaries, and "other" missionaries. Do everything you can to (he's thinking... slow down here, pause a bit...) avoid being a member of one of these groups. (I don't get it either...) What I mean is, you shouldn't allow segregation. You should mix and mingle with everyone. Each missionary should know that you would do anything to help them and to make the work go forward. If anything, err on the side of associating with the "other" missionaries. Always speak spanish, even to an American missionary."
"Anyway, keep up the good work. We're praying for you" (of course) "We feel like you're putting in a lot of effort and faith and feel like you will be blessed."
"That's all I have."
My turn.
I agree with Leif.
We sure do love you. "You can't just write about what I just wrote about- you gotta write your OWN stuff." -Leif
Love you lots missionary.
We'll write again soon.
Christy and Leif
PS One of your teachers is engaged to an old friend of mine. He said she paid your district a high compliment by saying you were some of the best missionaries she has ever taught. Keep up the good work.

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