Friday, June 5, 2009

Captians Log: Elder Robinson

Stardate 09.5.6

Captains Log:

The days are dark. Something is in the air. Medical staff can't quite get their hands on what it is. I have lost over 120 soldiers in the past few days...

That will be too hard to write in the little time I have to write. Swine Flu hit the MTC. Crazy? Maybe, not really sure. We already have lots of rules, so if they added more I did not really notice them. Oh, besides the fact that an entire building is now used to cuarentine people, we only have plastic utensils and plates at meals, and people are missing. Hm... I did notice that much.

I am fine however. I hear that the news made it all out to be worse than it actually is. However, my district leader is in isolation. He came down with Type A flu and was moved to 4M (Quatro Muerte). We have not seen him for 3 days and won't until Monday morning. That is when his release is set for. He wrote us a note and said that loads of people were in there and that they all might have swine flu but it is too expensive to run the extra tests that would confirm it. They treat them all the same anyway. Another funny fact: I saw someone get escorted by MTC Security to 4M. That is how serious it is. They escort you around. Because my District Leader is in Isolation, I am in a 3some. It is now Elders Griswold, Robinson, and Thayne.

I got a haircut today. I love haircuts. However, Haircuts are given in 4M (the basement portion) somehow I left with a swollen finger. Don't quite know how that one worked out yet.

My spanish is on hold. I about killed someone the other day because I was so frustrated with their inhability to realize that I could not SPEAK THE LANGUAGE. It will come in time. But that person has really got to realize that it takes me about 20x longer for me to formulate my sentances than he and that he should really give me a chance to talk to "investigators" and not dominate the entire conversation. Needless to say, I said "Hola!" and then he said everything else. hm... We are working on that one. We have discussed it and we think we have a few solutions. We shall see.

I don't have much to say. It seems people have stopped sending me letters. When I don't have letters I don't have questions to answer. Ya'll should probably fix that. Hint?

The Temple was great today. Amy appears to have figured out when I will be there. And if she really did then I don't feel bad about disclosing it: 10 am on Fridays, but we usually hit the 10:20 or 10:40 session. I better not see any of you there. My district would never forgive me and I would probably never forgive any of you. but if you ever see me playing volleyball (which is all we play, no bother, I love it) don't let me see you.

Spencer, how does it feel to have graduated? You ready to move out? You ready to take on the world? I hope so. I felt the same way when I graduated. Then I found out that the world does not really care what an 18 year old boy has to say. Remind yourself of Joseph Smith. He was only 14. You can do it. Great job on getting a firefighter job. Is it hard? When will you work?

Amy, A half marathon? I did an ab workout the other night. Proud of me? My abs still hurt. Great job. Are you ready for the Wasach Back? Thanks for the pictures. I really enjoyed looking at them. I won't get rid of them.

Christy, Thanks for your and Leif Lief's letter. Really cool. I don't think I am going to eat 20+ eggs in one week. The food here is good but not that good. I really look forward to the Temple because we eat in the cafiteria there and the food is so much better. I am not complaining though. I am merely getting used to the same stuff over and over again.

I just mailed the family some pictures. I hope you get them. I am not sure how to send pictures over email yet. I will have to figure that out. You should probably get them in the mail Monday or Tuesday. Hope for Monday.

Dad, Thanks for the report on Stake Conference. I enjoyed reading it. I really liked the story about Elder Bednar. So did my companion. Keep me posted on stuff like that.

Mom, How is the garden? Chickens or Bees dead yet? Have weeds taken over? No! No! Claro que no!

Jeff, Did I mention in the last email that there are missionaries who change who they are just because they have an office? wow. you hit that one on the nail. O'well. It is kinda funny to watch.

Any questions? Contact me through It is very easy and I can read your letters during the week. Such a bonus.

Everything at the MTC is going great. I think I forgot something but I can't remember. I love you all and miss you. I should be out of here by July 20th. The Puerto Rico Elders get to leave in a week. They are transfered to the Dominican MTC for 5 weeks. Lucky.

I really think I am missing something. Give me a sec to think.

Um... Nope. I can't think of it. I probably will when I finally log out of this system.

Love you all. Enjoy the next week. I would love to hear from all of you!

Ann, thanks for the Blog thing. You can add whoever you want to it. Sounds like a cool site.

Mom, some people might drop by the house. Some people might contact you. I told them to do so. I hope they do.

Say hello to the Judd's for me. I will write them a letter next week. (Sam, Henery, etc...)

The Elder who is now on the bottom bunk, with a swollen finger, and is running out of time. Where does the Pday go?

"Nothing will help you" (said with lazer eyes and a hush)
-Medical Staff to Elder Allen concerning the flu and masks


Elder Robinson

Doreen Robinson

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