Monday, June 15, 2009

Tornado Warning

Elder Jethro (Your blog title by the way)-

Ok I am sitting here doing my homework...well not really I keep on getting distracted, but that's ok because school started today so homework mode really hasn't set in .... yet.

School: wow its going to be interesting 2 classes, 8 weeks, everyday....repetitious for sure! But hey when the summer is over I will only have 4 more classes till graduation....and dad never thought I'd graduate from college!

I'm reading for my Social Psychology class and it talks about the Reinforcement Theory. It mentioned that people have responses to stimuli, and used as an example a Tornado siren. They said that when people hear the sirens they run for a basement shelter.

That got me thinking...when we hear a siren the first thing we think is "will we really see a tornado today or just a bad thunderstorm for 10 minutes?" Its horrible to think that I really don't think we'll experience damage from a Tornado, yet since we've moved here we've had the siren's go off 5 times, and I've personally seen a funnel cloud.

This made me think, of the gospel and modern revelation. We've been told things will get worse and it will affect us personally. (This is the tornado siren) our response should be to be prepared (with the gospel) and immediately seek shelter (Keep faith in our Heavenly Father) but if I follow my previous pattern, then it appears that one day I'm going to be stuck outside in the middle of a Tornado. :(

Ok I'm rambling sorry. I hope that as you serve you will remember that you are also a siren. Telling the people of Ecuador that things will get worse, BUT you have a message that will prepare them to wait out the storm and come out safe in the end.

I love you, and hope that all is going well. Best of luck this week!


Ps. I went to my German class today, and Herr Schroeder didn't speak any all!!!! Please know that as you are patiently working through your language courses, some one else in a different state totally understands what you are going through...though I only have it for a few hours each day!! :)
PPS. I really am going to send you pictures. I printed off my blog entry (well the last three actually) and it ended up being 20+ pages long, with all the pics so I need to weed out the ├╝neccisary ones and then I'll send you them! :)

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