Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the Maas'

Elder Jethro
Is it really true that your stay in the MTC is almost finished? (not that I'm counting down or anything)

Not much has happened but I still wanted to drop a line...lets see what I can come up with.

1. Mom and Dad sent us a REALY cool gift. They sent us 1/4 violin for the kids! They are sooo excited. I am arranging for a mom/daughter lesson with my friend who teaches and hopefully Ehre can build a stronger interest in music and the violin (can't be much stronger, she is allready pretty excited)

2. Jeff and Ben were sick yesterday so they stayed home....and slept like the whole day. Not swine flue, but what ever it was I'm glad that they are feeling better now. Jeff's weekly email should come soon, now that he's feeling better. :0

3. Summer school...well I feel like I am finally gettting a handle on German. But I still have so much to learn. I wonder if I could apply for the Gift of Tongues. :)

4. I am taking a self defense class (RAD) its really cool, I think about you alot in there and wonder if I am learning any of the same techniques taht you learned in your martial arts course at BYU. All I can say is that I've learned some pretty hard core/painfull techniques, so no one better bug me!

5. Speaking of someone that bugged me, I got out of my car at Walmart and my door taped the car next to me (so lightly!) I apologized to the man and checked his car, good think I hit the rubber strip, and what did he do?! He reached over to his pasenger side and threw open his door into mine. He was in a SUV so guess what I now have a 2" dent in my car! So frustrating! People can be so mean, hopefully you don't run into that personality type on your mission, they are trouble!

6. Fathers Day was Sunday, I bought Jeff a basket ball but a week ago he mentioned that he didn't like the game, so I had to go shopping agin. The kids and I bought him a ice/shaver and blueraspberry topping so that he can make his own snowcones this summer (yes you will be jealous when you are in the field, and want one! I'd mail you one too but it won't get past customs)

7. Ben can dribble a basket ball it is so cute. I should clarify that he bounces the ball and then taps his hand on top so it looks like he is dribbling but, hey he's learning!

8. Ehre is loving her craft time at school. When she focuses she can color a nice picture and cut it out well too, but often she is like me and rushes things. Last week Jeff and I went in and talked to her class about Germany. Jeff showed pictures from his mission and then we gave them some good German "Lindt" chocolate. They loved it.

Other than these points, thats realy all that is going on. I love you and miss you. We are grateful for the blessings that come from having a missionary serve in our family.

Sorry today is a busy day so I didn't spell check!

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