Saturday, June 6, 2009

: 6-6-09 Jeremiah letter


My email time for the day is done so I am writing a short letter. My district is getting really sick. We thought we were out of the flu mess but Elder Sawyer tested positive for the flu (30 min. ago, 9:20 pm). We have not been sleeping well, some are coughing, and one has a fever and is sick. Nothing is life threatening but none of us can afford to be quarantined. 5 days separation would throw any of us too far behind. Please pray for my district. We are on medicine but we're still not feeling 100%.

No fear. Elder Griswold and Iare the only one who have had NO symptoms.

You son who can't fall behind while at the MTC,
Elder Robinson

By the time you get this it will probably all be over. But if not . . . extra prayer never killed anyone.

By the way - it probably is swine but it is too expensive to test for. Swine seems to be aggressive, not deadly. DON"T worry about me!

Pray for Elders Knudsen, Radmall, and Zanger. They really need to get to the Dominican Republic and will be delayed if they get sick.

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