Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 Weeks Left!

Dear Family and hopefully some friends who might be getting this, I am not sure,

    This week was boring. Here is a shout out to Jeff: Thanks so much for your letters. They are really great to read and really really funny. Talk about some really true insights, and yes, if my future wife is as ugly as my companion then I will definitely have some problems and nothing to look forward to in life. Thanks for the humor.

    Ok, maybe this week had a few interesting points. Mom sent me some great boxes. My district really enjoyed the peas, and the cookies and marshmellows were great, and wow, I and my district loved the boxes. Thanks so much, though I would not send me anymore stuff. I might get fat. I have gained about a pound. Don't worry, I started running again this week with my Zone Leader. He and I are determined to stay in shape. (his idea of a workout is a 50 minute run (around the MTC) with a 30 minute core workout afterwards... I should be back in shape shortly.)

    Ok, maybe this week had a really cool moment: I taught someone how to pray in Spanish, USING SPANISH! It was cool. Yeah, I can say things like:

    "Nosotros Vamos a ensenar usted como orar. Antes de nosotros oramos, quiero que inclene usted cabeza. quiero que cruize usted brazos. y (close) su ojo's.
Primero, Dicimos "Nuestra Padre Celestial"
etc...etc... It is coming slowly but surely. I should be able to spell the words correctly, spanish is all about sounding things out, but I don't have time to go through an entire prayer or to spellcheck.

    4 weeks left! Actually, it is 4 weeks and 3 days. Talk about a true drag. I mentioned this to my District Leader, and bless his heart, he is a little to stiff. His response was, "We should never count down, it is un-Christ-like" or something like that. Then I had to explain to him that I am not counting down because I am impatient with the MTC, I am counting down because I want to get to work. Please, I never want to be a District Leader. We need them, but it seems that they all become different people... not something I am interested in. I think I was called as a missionary because of who I am, I did need to rise to a higher standard, but I didn't need to leave my personality behind like I see so many missionaries do. (sidenote: my district leader told me not to count down (I count down for everything though, but I won't for the end of my mission, I never want this to end, I just want to get to work) and then today I had a disagreement with my companion about a rule, explained to my companion that the White Handbook was on my side, only to have my District Leader say, and these are his exact words, "Well, everybody does it, and I did it last week." Seriously! Wow, talk about committment. I think my district needs to relax in the areas there are no rules and then strengthen the areas there ARE rules. As you can see, I am kindof a little turbed by this whole issue. I don't think the White Handbook should be disregarded for ANY reason, even if other missionaries are.... and then I think that during MDT, when I am supposed to make my own decisions (MDT= Missionary Directed Time) my district leader should stop placing rules on me. Sorry family you had to hear my speal on that, it is just I stay quiet for 90% of my day because I don't really talk to my companion, and if I say something he will disagree with me, and then my district leader will side with him, so I keep all of these feelings to myself and then vent them to you every friday. I wish the Puerto Rico Elders were back.)

    Needless to say, Elder Griswold and I get along great for 70% of the time. We had a really good lesson this week in the TRC and I had a really powerful teaching experience with some of the new elders. I was assigned to teach with a new elder (they had been here for 20 hours) and we were to teach his companion and my companion about the restoration and pertain it to them as missionaries. I don't know why I did, but I had the feeling to relate the Restoration to Homesickness. I can't tell you what I said because I can't remember, however, the spirit was really strong and wow, I like the spirit.
    On this same note, my companion and I were teaching two other elders, like they were elders, and the stories we shared, and the way we related our message to their lives was really powerful. Now I just have to learn how to invite the spirit in spanish and I will be set.

    Christy is pregnant? What!?! No kidding? Did you say she was due on Leif's Birthday? Wow, I am so excited there will be another being running around when I get home. It will be so cool. Congratulations Christy! You should probably name him Casio, or Quartz, I have more names if you would like them.

    How is the family doing? How much rain have we received? What happens on the outside world? How are grandma and grandpa?

    Thanks for your letter dad. That was really cool. I liked it. Mom, thanks for the boxes. Amy, how did the race go? Thanks for your letters. Ann, yeah, I got the postcard, I miss you and Jeff. Christy, how is Hyrum? How is Leif? Spencer, do you still exist? I hope you got better, the flu is never fun. Anyway, I don't have much more to say.

The Elder who is absolutely loving the MTC, but wishes, sometimes, that his companion would not disagree with everything he said, even though it is in the white handbook, or on doctrine, just because he likes to disagree. The elder who now stays quiet.


Elder Robinson.

Did I miss something. I think I was supposed to say something.

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