Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We have now entered Week 6. Now how do we learn Spanish?

Dear Family,

the shift key does not work, so i am not going to use it. sorry about the pain it may cause some of you to read such an uncivilized email.

that quote in the subject bar is brought to you by elder allen. we were sitting in class on wednesday and it hit us that we only had 3 weeks left. his reply: "now how do we learn spanish?" bueno no?

shout out: everyone that i ever looked up to. i was going to bed last night and i was thinking about home (odd, i never think about home, but yet i had a real desire to be home, i miss you guys). and i realized that there were so many people that i never thanked for their example before i left. grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles, cousins, family, parents, everyone. if i did not say it before, "thanks for being a great example to me!"

second item of business: I like the MTC. (Wow! the shift key started working!?) Elder Griswold and I are getting along great. We had a really good companionship inventory and we are now moving forward at a unified pace. We also had a really cool talk last night about our District which lead to a really cool meeting that we called for our District. We only have 3 weeks left and Elder Griswold and I felt that the group was not progressing fast enough with Spanish.

speaking of spanish (shift key is gone again): i taught a lesson this week in pure spanish. yes, it may have been something like: cuando jesucristo estaba en la tierra el establico su iglesia.... fantastico no! perro, el gente en jerusalen rechezado su ensenanzas y jesucristo fue... see it is not a very complete lesson, and it has a lot of: pero, fantastico!, no? preguntas? in it, but i think we got the basic jist across. spanish is coming, and in three weeks i will need to be speaking it purely whether i like it or not. (by the way, English is bobo).

Oh! The shift key is working again! Elder Griswold and i were studying in the (shift key de muerte!) book of enos when we came across the words "(the people) were hard to understand." and we could not figure out why enos would have written such a phrase. (enos 1:22?) anyway, we came up with some really cool ideas but when it came down to it... we really did not have an answer. we gave up and went to the referal center (rc). we both have real live investigators in the rc, i work with a guy named paul, who is a methodist, and elder griswold works with a man by the name of erik. we were going to call them back, but we were unable to get ahold of them. we decided to spend our time with the "chats." the first person that logged onto our system was really facinating to talk to. he was well versed in many scriptures, and he had once prayed daily, but had somehow been disenchanted by religion. the odd thing: everything he believed in, which was mainly knowledge, pointed toward god and religion. however, nothing we said or he knew, nothing would convince him that religion was real. he made absolutely no sense. we could not understand him. he became frustrated with us and quickly terminated the conversation. he left us with these words, "to understand faith you must close the eye of reason." he was right! (benjamin franklin). not many things in the gospel make sense logically (2 beings can create a world, men can rise from the dead, closing your eyes and mumbilng some words can be heard by the supreme creator of the universe....). elder griswold and i could not understand why this guy was disenchanted by religion when everything he believed pointed to religion and a higher power. elder griswold and i had both said "this guy is hard to understand." after our appointment it hit us... the words of enos "(the people) were hard to understand." i think i now understand what enos was saying. sometime people just don't make any logical sense. why wont they just repent and live the greatest thing that has ever been known in the universe?

it is little things like that that happen EVERY DAY (caps lock works) that let me know that the lord is working in my favore. elder griswold and i recieve answers from the strangest sources sometimes. it is cool being a missionary, i seem to get more answers than i used to and elder griswold put it "either we are recognizing blessings better, or we are finally unified enough to recieve daily revalation." and it is so true. i don't want to stop being a missionary. it is way to cool. i cant believe i have only 23 months left! loco no?


hey! thanks for the letters this week. i enjoy hearing from all of you. i will get some pictures out to people next week.

mom: my call? i don't now where it is. it is in my room... but where... i have not visited it for 5 weeks. i love you tons!

dad: your letter was great, i really enjoyed reading it. you and mom should definitly keep going to the temple. i like it there. however the temple here, as you found out, is closed. we will be able to go in a week or so. thanks!

spencer: what are you up to? no letters? padowan.

amy: great race! wow! i am super excited for you. sorry about the ankle. you should probably stop helping people or making people food. it is a dangerous world out there.

ann: i love your letters. thanks for the updates. i enjoy hearing about the outside world.

jeff: rocks

leif: um... yeah, about that.

christy: you are pregnant! wow! super exciting. have you though about the name jeremiah yet? you probably should get on that. oh, tell leif that i miss him.

dan: go play spencer in risk, without him being beat every sunday by me he might get a little big in the head.

did i miss anyone? sorry if i did. hey, when does this monsoon season end? i am at a loss. make sure this email gets out to everyone. i miss you all and i only have 3 weeks left here at the mtc. when i get to ecuador i might stop sending letters, email will be so much easier.

the elder who can't figure out why he likes haircuts so much

elder robinson

ps. i hurt my knee

pps. we get to listen to a prophet in a few hours. fantastico no!? it is the mission president seminar and the 12 are swirling around the mtc. not that we ever see them, but i am convinced that this is the only time i will see 19 year old men act like little girls in a model shop:

"oh my goodness! is that elder anderson?" (heads turn, crowds go silent... and then...) "Nope, false alarm" (as we have to pick up the dead bodies of elders that were trampled in the minature stampeed for a better look...)

ppps. i forgot something again. we should work on that.

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