Sunday, May 31, 2009

From the Permanent Elders

You're sounding great! The MTC sounds like a lot of fun. Hours of classes may not sound like fun to you right now... but I really miss school. Every time I think of the MTC I think of my friend's crazy pictures of them upside down on ironing boards, pointing to their mission on a big map etc. I also think of all the times I volunteered with Lessa in the call center. She was much better at talking to people than I was. You are like her- you'll do great. Leif says looking back, at the time he thought he did good at the TLC- but maybe he stunk. He also says you're right about food being competitive- but he says its up to you to beat his record of the number of fried eggs eaten in one week:........ 24! Sometimes he'd get six or seven at a time. He loved them. Oh boy.
It was great to hear from you. Ann says I'm supposed to tell you about a blog she made for you. (Even though you can't look). She's uploading your letters onto it so everyone can read it- and she says if you want, tell us which friends you want to have access, and we can tell them about it- it will save you letter writing time. Kind of fun. She put the Ecuador flag and the Guayaquil temple on it. I'm an editor. :D
Want to hear a cool quote I hear.... oh, 3 years ago. I plan on framing it one of these days.

Justification is lowering ones ideals to ones actions.
Repentance is raising ones actions to ones ideals.

It gave me a lot to think about. Maybe you just think I'm strange.
Well, I need to go, but I thought I'd drop you a line and say hello. I hope you don't drop your pillow tonight. If it keeps up we'll make you some sort of pillow strap or send you velcro. Poor guy.

Go Elder Go! Work Hard, Be Good.
Love you tons.
Leif and Christy
(and Hyrum too- but he's asleep right now.)

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