Friday, May 29, 2009

First Letter Home...

Hey! I finally have email! I was writing you a letter, which I will still send, but I had to go do my laundry and lo and behold: computers! I only have half an hour to write, so I hope I can get in all I want to say in this period of time. This also means I will not have time to reread what I have said to make sure it is grammatically correct or if it even makes sense. Here we go:
Day 9 at the MTC. Wow. Has it really been that long? Maybe, maybe not. I can't decide. I am absolutely loving it here at the MTC. Day one was long. Lots of orientation meetings. Once I said bye to ya'll I went out the door, down the hall, past some a nice elderly couple, and out the door, past lots of yellow "New Missionary's this way" signs, and into a building. I was really lost. Once I was out of your sight it only took me 19 seconds to recompose myself. And as of yet I have only missed you guys once. Back to my story. In this new building I was in a really long line. The line finally led to a room where they gave me a manilla packet which had my white handbook, key, blue card, companion name (Elder Griswold), room number, and basic information. They then took my picture and gave me some medical information. I was then transfered to a new line and stood for 30+ minutes when I learned that I was in the wrong line and then stood in the "out of country line" for 30+ minutes. That line ended with them telling me that I needed to write home and have you guys fax in some information about some shots I had when I was a baby (please see pink slip in last letter)(please follow the instructions). Finally I was out of lines and made my way through more "New Missionary's this way" signs to the bookstore. At the bookstore they gave me tons of spanish and religeous books. Infact it was Gloria from my sigles ward who gave them to me (spencer, if you are in the singles ward, say hello to her for me, I actually saw her today and I think she stole my blue card. No fear, I got it back. I think she put it in my mailbox...). I then went to my room, met my companion, who is really cool, and went to go get my luggage. I only had a few minutes to unpack. I was the last missionary to show up in my room. We then had our first orientation meeting. I can't remember what was said. That night I met my Zone President and his councelors. They are really cool. The next day I had the opportunity to meet my teachers. Sister Saylor, Brother Taggart, and Brother Shummway. They are all really cool. No jokes. Sister Saylor is renouned as being the best teacher at the MTC and Everyone who knows Brother Taggart is really jeleous that we have him. Brother Shummway is new, we are his first district. Everyone likes him though. Sister Saylor, however, just graduated from BYU with her masters and will be leaving us next week. Brother Taggart is only temporary because Brother Shummway is away. So next week we get new teachers, not nearly as amazing as Sister Saylor or Brother Taggart, and they will leave us. O'well. We can't have the best of everything. We spend hours in class. The first day seemed like forever. No jokes. This day was long. We had many Large Group Meetings, hours in class, and were a little overwhelmed with the enormity of everything. I can't explain how we got through that full first day, but we did. Saturday was also cool. By the end of that day we had learned how to tesitify in spanish along with praying in spanish, something we learned thursday. AH! 11 minutes left. Faster! Saturday was our first day with Gym. I love gym. We play playa volleyball. (beach volleyball). My district (Elders: Johnson, Tayne, Peterson, Radmall, Allen, Sawyer, Griswold, Knudson, and Zanger) is way fun to play with. We all get along great, and we all have a common interest in having a good time (unless you count the district leader. Jeff was right when he told me that some missionaries can be a little too serious.) Sunday was good. We relax. And by relax, we have 7+ hours of meetings. We also have 7+ hours of study time. (give or take).Sundays are also really good because we have the opportunity to watch movies. Testiments was full so my companion and I went to a video presentation talk from Elder Holland. It was amazing. I think I am going to see another one of his vidoes next Sunday night. Monday: um... I don't remember monday. Tuesday: Mesmo. Oh! Devotional was really really good. A member of the 70 spoke to us and I am in the chior. Not that it is hard to be in. You just have to show up with your companion to practice. Wednesday: Blur. Our classes are now taught entirely in Spanish. Thursday: mesmo Friday: P-Day! Wow. Today. Crazy. I don't really know what I am going to do. I have so much to do. So much to study. Time flies. (5 minutes left). Me and my companion have been to the TEC a couple of times. We both have different teaching styles. I enjoy addressing the concerns of the investigators, my companion likes moving the lesson toward the committments. Both approaches are good, but we both go in separate directions and it has caused a bit of disunity. We have recognized it though and are working to make our lessons really good. I am excited for what we will be able to do together. The spirit is so strong here at the MTC. I really love it. I hope everything at home is going really well. Everything at the MTC is great. The food is good. I might get fat, I hope not. The food might get a little repetative. I will have to see. Remember, please use, I get your letters. Thanks so much for them. I don't have time on this email to read what people have to say.
Please send me addresses. I really need them.
Spencer and Mom. I sent you this email because you were the only addresses I could remember. Please forward it to the rest of the family. If anyone has questions write me. I will write/email back on Friday.
I love you all.
Your missionary stuck in the Provo MTC.
Elder Robinson
PS Elder Peterson broke his foot. Basketball is of the Devil.

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