Saturday, May 23, 2009

23 May - First Letter home

Mom and Dad

Until I have an email account this will be my official letter for the week.

The MTC is absolutely amazing. I am really loving my stay here. Everyone says that the first few days are spirit prison, however, I have found it immensly satisfying and very spiritual. Included with this letter is my schedule (with my p-day blocked out so you won't run into me while I am at the temple). And as you can see I am very busy. All my time is used with classes. Also included is a map. The MTC is small but I still have not seen it all. I live in my classroom, eatin the cafeteria, and return to my room to sleep.

I have only been here for 3 1/2 dyas and I can already pray and bear my testimony in Spanish. 90% of my conversation is now in Spanish. No, I am not very good at Spanish, but we Elders have become proficient in finding ways to communicate with the little we know.

Today is a half p-day (Saturday) and as such we finally are done with orientation and had some gym time. My district consists of 10 Elders. It was great to go play sand volleyball with them today. It is a great/funny group of Elders that can have fun in any situation.

My companion and Iget along great. Elder Griswold and I have many great insights to share with one another. His testimony is amazingly strong, I think we work great together. We love quizing each other on Spanish vocab and can learn 39 words in 15 minutes! (We did it this morning.)

The food here is good. I don't think I will gain much, if any weight, but you never know. If you have ANY quaetions write me a letter through, I will write back on my p-day.

Dad - no fear. I received your letter and I really appreciated it. I have always had the hardest time holding a grudge, even against you. I can never remember why I am mad. Forgive me for my stiff neckedness the past 19 years.

Mom - you letter was great. I really hope everything at home, in the garden, at school, and with the animals works out hte next two years. Tell me how everything goes.

Padowan (Spencer) - you will probably have graduated by the time you read this. (I can't mail until Tuesday . . . Sunday, Monday a holiday, so Tuesday.) Isn't it so wonderful to be done with your first 12 years of school. Only 8+ more to go! I still am in denial of the fact I won't see you for 3 years. Wow. Best of luck with everything.

I do have a duty as a missionary: Yo se que dios es nuestro padre celestial y nos ama. Yo se que Jusucristo vive. Testifico que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador! Creo que Jose Smith fue un profeta. Tengo un testimonio que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

Short, simple, yet I love stopping missionaries and bearing it to them. This letter is getting long so only a few more points: I love you all. I feel at home still (as in: I can see the lake from my classroom). Homesickness probably won't set in until I leave the valley and arrive in Ecuador. My teachers are awesome. I don't have many addresses, so if people want me to write them, they have to write me first (Ann's letter did not include an address like Christy's did). I plan to take some pictures soon. I hope I can get them to you. Probably not until the 28th.

I am still here for another 8 weeks. Best wishes to everyone! Tell me if I forgot to mention something.

Love the elder who drops his pillow every night and sleeps on the top bunk so he can't jump down to get it (1 am) because of noise so he sleeps somewhat fitfully, and pillowless.

Elder Robinson

"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
-- Malcolm S. Forbes

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