Monday, March 1, 2010

Quakes, rain, and "Is one week too soon?"

Dear Family and Friends,

Shout Out: Wow! Another week has flown by here in the loving city of Guayaquil. I am finnally used to all the crazy things that happen here and am not even surprised when nothing goes to plan, busses are late, investigatores dump us, people get robbed, or are super drunk, or ... yeah, crazy city. I LOVE IT!

This week I have decided to give an update on my group from the MTC. If you can all remember those wonderful days that I spent in that blessed place... there were 6 of us: Elders Griswold, Robinson (me), Johnson, Thayne, Peterson, and Sawyer. Where are we now?

Robinson: I am here in Guayaquil. I have had 6 companions and 3 sectors (Pasaje- Santa Rosa, Naranjito- Milagro, and Independecia- Cinse). My companion will end his mission in 4 weeks and I will be starting change 7 with my 7th companion. Maybe President Johns will be gracious enough to let me have a companion for more than 6 weeks!

Griswold: This amazing missionary, my companion from the MTC, I have just been told is District Leader in Machala. AMAZING. He trained at his 4th change and is District Leader in his 6th. He should be AP by his 9th. Haven´t talk to him since I left Santa Rosa, but I would not mind being his companion again.

Sawyer: I talked to him for the first time durring the mission in the Terminal 2 weeks ago. It was a sad conversations seeing as he was sent home for medical reasons. He was a great missionary, will get better and then serve a great mission in the states. I always thought he was going to end up in the office.

Thayne: Is Secretary to President Johns. Amazing missionary as well. Don´t know much about his mission. I have talked to him once since I arrived.

Johnson: Is training. Amazing missionary. I bet he will be District Leader next change. His trainee is Elder Guerrero from California? They make a cool team. Elder Johnson was in Loja Zamora and it is cool to see him every now and again (we are in the same zone).

Peterson: This is the guy that I really want to see again. But he is in Cuenca. I hear he is super and President Johns told me that he loves to talk to EVERYONE and share the gospel. I believe it, if you have ever heard his testimony you would know that there is something special with our message.

My Week: Well, it rained a TON! We had an Earthquake, and we have an AMAZING investigator.

Rain: My sector is exactly, not lying, 1.5 feet above sea level. My sector is surrounded on 3 sides by water and I can walk to all 3 sides in 10 minutes if I so desire. When it rains... the streets flood. The other night a kind member gave us her umbrellas so that we could return home dry. We were just out of sight from her house when the first umbrella broke (wind and rain) and we were forced to take an alternate route that actually led us through a swimming pool. Needless to say my shoes didn´t dry for 3 days.

Quake: Everyone thinks that the end of the world will be in 2012. This is only reenforced, in the minds of many, with the Earthquakes in Haiti (Ati) and Chile. But, we had our own little quake.

The day after the Earthquake in Chile, at 5:20 AM Sunday morning, my companion awoke to the rude shaking of our house. He sleeps on the floor, so no surprise. I sleep in a bunk bed and didn´t feel a thing, I actually woke up afterwords but seeing nothing wrong went back to bed. Everyone was talking about it the next day and from looking at how things moved on my desk... yep, earthquake. No fears, nothing was damaged and I only have the words of my companion and investigatores to go on that it even happened.

Amazing Investigator: We are teaching Familia Olmeda. WOW! We have not been able to contact them for 2 weeks. When we finally did contact them we had a really long lesson about their doubts and worries. Needless to say at the end of the lesson we asked them if they wanted to be baptised, both of them (sisters) said, "Is one week too soon to be baptised, or do we need more time?" Usually one week is WAY to fast... but we made some things work and they will be baptised Sunday after Stake Conference! Powerhouse Investigatores.

Anway, nothing SUPER COOL to report this week. Just the normal drunk people pretending to shoot you (then laughing), telling you they have a gun (then laughing), blocking your way in the street (then laughing), or throughing water on you (then laughing). Ha! Read Ether 12 "Fools, mock, but they shall weep!"

Love you all!

Elder Robinson

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  1. Hi Elder Robinson's sisters! I am Elder Guerrero's mom. When Josh got his mission call, we googled his mission and your brother's blog popped up, so there are a few of us who have occasionally followed him. Elder Guerrero mentioned meeting your brother at Zone Conference this week. Just let Elder Robinson know that when you google the Guayaquil South mission, his pops up about #3 on the list. Way to go!