Monday, March 22, 2010

Pictures: Bats, Baptisms, and other such things...

Family and Friends,
Hey! Pictures!
Picture 1: Inch Worm... Ecuador Style!
Picture 2: Bat... but it died. My companion smashed it with his hand a couple of times, and then smothered it with his pillow.
Picture 3: Andres Ordoñez. He does not have a ton of family support, his mom was actually opposed to his baptism (but she signed the paperwork) but he will be ok. Super smart kid. I believe he is about to start the Book of Mosiah in the Book of Mormon.
Picture 4: This is one of my two tracking shoes. It feel apart in Naranjito when I was riding my bike one day and hit a rock. I was just fine... the shoe died. This made life unpleasant seeing as we were in rainy season and Naranjito= Mud. My other shoe fell apart due to natural causes (water, dirt, wear and tear) three months later.
Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoyed! More pictures to come as this mission progresses!
Elder Robinson

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