Monday, March 8, 2010

Independencia...esa movda loco!

Family and Friends,

First: As you can see my email is a little different, if you need to contact me please use this address: it is our new email powered by google. Which rocks because it comes with SpellCheck! For sure by the year 2012 everything will be powered by Google and when Google collapses December 23, 2012 the world will end. (see, even I can predict the future!)

Shout Out: President Johns. I think this is the 2 or 3rd time I have actually given him a shout out. O´well. President Johns is my amazing mission president that does 50,000 things every day and I don´t know how he gets it ALL done. We just had Stake Conference here, in the Isla Trinitaria, and one of the Area 70 was present. This means that the Temple President, and President Johns were also in attendance. It was a super cool conference and the talks were great. President Johns spoke about his conversion to the gospel (he is a convert) through the help of members. It really motivated me to work with the members a lot more. The Temple President talked a lot about Christ, The Family, and the Sacerdocio (Priesthood). Super great talks.

About President Johns, So every chance I get to see him I feel super special. He quite literally could control our lives but yet he chooses not to and he controls the mission with rules and guidelines of love and understanding rather than tyranny or fear. It will be sad to see him go in 3 months. In the MTC they taught us that there are 2 people that will influence our missions more than ourselves, the first: Our Mission President. Second: Our Trainer. So, in the MTC I started praying for them both. As it turned out, I was blessed with the best trainer ever, Elder Benavides and the coolest Mission President, President and Hermana Johns. But seeing as how the months are rapidly flying by... it is time to start praying for the next president. But I will always look to President Johns for amazing council and guidance.

My Week: So we were only robbed 2x this week. I think we can improve on this front as the weeks progress. Seeing as how being robbed is often more comical than scary I will relate one of the two robbings here:

My companion and I were walking near the edge of our sector, near the "Salado" (they call it this because it is the sea... but only a finger of it that reaches inland, my sector is surrounded by 3) when we came near unto one of the 2 bridges that connect my sector with others. As we approached the bridge I remembered something my companion told me "under the bridges is SUPER dangerous, we are never going there." Well, this was the first time we were actually near this bridge so I was a little curious as to why they were dangerous. As we passed I could see that there were many people doing drugs and selling drugs and... well... drugs. Stupid things. Anyway, I was just about to report to my companion about how accurate his statement was when a man approached us. Me, being the friendly missionary, opened my body up to shake his hand. He shook my hand and that is when I saw the knife. I quickly took 3 steps back... I don´t want to get robbed with a knife. The member that was with us also stepped back with me. This just left my companion... the man with the knife lifted his hand, in the act (I thought) to stab my companion in the back, I yelled to my companion... but too late, his arm was already around my companion and his knife was at the kidney of my companion. My companion gave the guy a whooping $0.50 and the guy left. My heart was pounding so hard, I thought I was going to watch my companion get slaughtered! (so did the member). What makes the story funny: MY COMPANION NEVER SAW THE KNIFE. He thought we were joking when we told him about the knife. Wow, and just think, if my companion decided NOT to give the guy money... well, I would be starting change 7 with companion number 8. This is why we laugh when these things happen. :)

Our investigators are doing great. The family that was to be baptised this week fell through. The father is a Jehovah's Witness and they are quite hesitant to progress. Though, this Saturday we will be baptising Andres Ordonez, a super smart kid who is reading the entire Book of Mormon and is currently in the Book of 2 Nephi. He always asks us questions like, "What does "Fruit of the Loins mean?" or "Why did Nephi not want to be king?" or "What did the dream represent that Lehi had?" SUPER COOL KID. He is super interested in the gospel and will do his family wonders when he is baptised. (not to mention he lives in the dump).

Anyway, I am going to attach some cool pictures so that you can all see that I am working. Both of my shoes are worn out and I need to send some pictures home of them so that mom can get me some new ones at MR. Mac for free.  (I have another pair I have not worn, so don´t send me any shoes PLEASE!)

Pict 1 Best District Ever! We baptised more than any other district in the mission.
2 the rat we killed in Naranjito. Not that is died under our stove.
3 Cool blue tie! Me with Elder Bradshaw
4 After Baptism party with Hna Loor
5 Soaked to the bone with Elder Taza
6 Soaked to the bone alone!

Love you all,

Elder Robinson

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