Monday, March 15, 2010

Baptisms and Bats

Family and Friends!

What a great opportunity it is for me to write you all today to tell you all about my crazy adventures this past week!

Shout Out: Spencer Robinson! Manti Temple! Way to go! Awesome! Europa! Wow! Indian Reservations! Georgia (ok, not as cool as all the other things... but it is YOUR MISSION!) AWESOME! Freak, I am so excited that you are my brother!

My Week: This week was another really cool week here in Ecuador. My companion and I finally had a baptism here in Independencia. I was going to send a photo of Andres, our convert, but my camera just died, wait until next week. He is such a cool kid, and he was a little more than upset when he found out that he has to wait 5 years until he can go on a mission. Funny kid.

So we were not robbed this week! HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! We were actually on our way to teach Andres when a guy walked up to us and started talking to us. I saw that there was an odd lump under his shirt and decided it was time to go. (This was during an interchange with my district leader, Elder Balcon (Argentina)). Anyway, we made it to Andres´s house, with the guy following us, and we knocked and had to wait to enter. The guy kept talking to us and by the way the "thing" under his shirt was moving, I knew it was a knife. So I decided to shake his hand. HA! Now I had his hand and I was NOT about to let go. I held onto his hand for like 3 minutes until Fabian showed up and answered the door. I curtly asked, "Can we come in?" He said yes, and let us AND the guy who wanted to rob us in. Anyway, we walked in the house and the guy followed us in. I was so...lost, I had not a clue of what to do (that rhymes!) Anyway, Elder Balcon, freaking pansy, hid behind me. The member was confused, and the other member that was with us decided to stay outside. Hm... this left me to deal with this guy. So I started talking to him, asking him TONS of questions... just so he could not think about robbing us (Who is your grandma, where does she live? Is your sister a pastor? How many brothers do you have? How long have you lived in Guayaquil? Do you know someone we can visit?) I am happy to say that his poorly drugged mind could not keep up with my questions and he was really really confused. I then told him "Nos Vemos!" (Good bye, see you later) and he yelled, "NO NOS VEMOS! I WANT TO ROB YOU!" That is when he actually flashed the knife... and man, was it a HUGE knife. I am talking about those kitchen knives that we used, the foot longs ones... yikes! Ok, now what? I finally convinced him that he could rob us, he would just have to wait until we were done with our appointment. He agreed, told us where he lived, and we promised (ok, sometimes we HAVE to lie) that we would swing by his house in 5 minutes... not that we ever did. Anyway, that was my almost being robbed story of the week.

That night, after the interchanged ended, I had a fun time telling my companion the story. We all went to bed. At about 2 in the morning I woke up because the lights were on... and my companion was gone. I got out of bed, really confused and went looking for him. I found him in the kitchen drinking water. No problem, I went back to bed. He came back into the room and started talking to me about strange things. Apparently he had been sleeping (he sleeps on the floor) when a giant spider decided to climb on his leg, so he swatted it off and it hit the wall. The little beast then crawled across his mattress and hopped onto the floor. Bless his soul he smashed it with his bellow and started pounding it with his fist. When he heard bones crack he decided that was an odd sound and removed his pillow to see what this spider was... and found out that it was a BAT! He then started pounding it with his fist until it fluttered under my bed. He put a pan over it and closed it all with a weight and went and got a drink (he takes everything so calmly), that is when I woke up. As he was telling me this at 2 in the morning, I did not catch onto the fact that it was a bat... then I asked, "Wait, does it have wings?" "Yeah! DO YOU WANT TO SEE IT!" I waited until morning. Needless to say I have some really cool pictures of the bat that was in our house that my companion killed under my bed. Wait until next week, I will send the photos then.

I love you all! Hope that my mission stories are not TOO crazy and if there is anyone out there that does not want me coming home with bullet holes... don´t worry, I wouldn´t do ANYTHING to damage our relationship.


Elder Robinson
of Ecuador Guayaquil South

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