Monday, March 22, 2010

Whichi Whachi Woo

Family and Friends,
The time has come (for better things, for cabbages and kings)! This is the last week of the change. We are ready to end this series of the mission with a bang!
Shout Out: Elder Taza. Elder Taza is my amazing companion from Peru. He is a convert to the church (as it seems many of my companions are). But what makes him a little different: He ends the mission this week and he will celebrate his 3rd year as a member in May. (I don't know how he entered the mission before he had a year as a member and neither does he...) He is 26 and a super powerful example to me. I have often wondered: Why am I still Jr. Companion when it seems like everyone in my group is either in the Office, Training, or District Leader? And then I realize... because I have the worlds coolest companions and everyone else... nope. Anyway, I have learned a ton from him and will be sad to see him go. Also leaving with Elder Taza are Elders Ludeña and Dardon. Two of my other companions. Elder Ludeña from Peru and Elder Dardon from Guatemala.
My Week: So I was SUPER trunky this week. My companion is getting everything ready to go home... and I was thinking about home. A fun combination. And then to make it all worse, we were in the house of a member and the member was watching a gardening show. I thought to myself, "HM, the plants they are using sure do look a lot like the plants we have in Utah." Then the camera went into panoramic view... the gardening show was filmed in Utah Valley at Thanksgiving Point. OH... stab to the heart, bleeding all over the floor. Timpanogos, Cascade, Y Mountains... What a great place Utah is. I definitely plan to go back there. (one day, maybe next year, around the 24th of May).
When it comes to "New News" I really don't have any. We successfully did not get robbed this week, hear gunshots, or have any baptisms. We did have tons of investigators at church and we did find a really cool new family: Family Mariño.
Family Mariño is probably one of the coolest investigating families I have had in the mission. The family is run by twins, both being 19 years old. Both of the twins have a wife (not married) and they both have kids. Alvaro has 2 and Agustine has 1. The wife of Agustine is 13! Anyway, seeing as how there are some obvious problems they are listening to us. The cool part is that they are all so excited to hear our message. Every night they want us to visit and teach them a little bit more. We taught the Plan of Salvation the other day and when we finished we asked, "What are you ready to do so that you can inherit the Celestial Kingdom?" Alvaro and Agustine both said, "I will repent of everything I have done wrong!" Super cool. But sometimes there are lots of people that say that. The real test is if they go to church or not. So the next day we stopped by at 7:30 in the morning to see if they would come with us to church. Unfortunately they were all sleeping. After yelling "ha ver" (it means, to see, or have to see, its like using a doorbell with your voice) we finally got someone to come to the door. He went to go wake up Alvaro and about two minutes later we heard Agustine yelling "Get up! Get up! The missionaries are here! We are late for Church! Hey! Get dressed!" Funny funny funny. They all came to church with us. Yes, we were quite late... but this is a process. I don't think they have ever woken up before 11 in their lives.
Andres Ordoñez, the boy that was baptised last week, is doing great. He is a much stronger member than his brother and he even stopped by our house this morning to ask us some doctrinal questions. As of yet, I don't have a picture that I can attach to this email... but just you wait, later today I will attach some cool photos of his baptism and bats.
Everything is going great here in Ecuador. My companion thinks that I will train next change (like a greene missionary) but I really have no clue and am just fine doing what I am doing, just as long as I don't change sectors again.
Love you all,
Elder Robinson
PS: "Whichi Whachi Woo" is what the members think English is. When they want me to speak English they say, "Habla en "Whichi Whatchi Woo!" "

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