Monday, March 29, 2010

Training, Robbing, and Such Things

Family and Friends: or Future Friends,
Shout Out:
     Otra vez voy a dar mis saludos a Elderes Taza, Ludeña, y Dardon. Tres de mis compañeros mejores! Ellos tres se van esta semaña para sus propias piases y hay un gran oportunidad que no les veré otra vez durante mi vida. Puedo decir que quiero llorar... pero no puedo... es un momento de felicidad quando un misionero regrese a casa honorable (como ellos tres). Disfrutaré siempre los memorias que tengo de éllos.
Ádios mis queridos amigos!
My Week:
     We have ended yet another change here in Guayaquil Ecuador South Mission. As such here is the list of my works for the past 6 weeks:
Lessons Taught: 131
New Investigators: 73
People in Sacrament Meeting: 25
Baptisms: 1
     So this change was not as powerful as all the other changes that I have had, but I can honestly say that I don´t think I will have another sector quite like Independencia. It is a SUPER hard sector, but the members are great, the work is good, and we have fun trying to figure out if we will be robbed or not.
     I am learning a lot more about the City of Guayaquil. I always had in my mind the image of this city that was built on the sea shore. But as it turns out it is a city that is built on the banks of the great river Guayas (which empties into the sea). The city is really long, but in a North-South manner, and it is not all that wide. My sector is not in any manner related to the river. We live on this peninsula that was created by an inlet of the real ocean... though I still have yet to see the ocean, there is an island blocking my view of the ocean: though I do have the chance to see BIG boats go by as they make their way inland to TriniPuerto (a port on Trinity Island that is right next to us) (Odd note: Trinity Island is an Island that is Inland... but seeing as how it is surrounded by water, and has a port... it is so called: Isla Trinitaria).
     Anyway, I am absolutely fasinated by the city but I really cant travel around the city on my own free will. I have to wait until Mondays, and then I have a billion other things to do as well. So I learn as I go and I go as often as I get the chance.
     Seeing as how this was the last week with Elder Taza we spent a lot of time saying goodbye to some amazing members. Elder Taza has some amazing friends here in Ecuador and I believe him when he says that these two years have been "the best two years of my life." The members from another ward he served in came to visit us at church Sunday. I was calmly reading the Liahona (not listening to the Priesthood Lesson, seeing as how they love to argue about Blessing Procedure) and when I looked up I noticed my companion was gone... hm... I went looking for him: and found him in another room surrounded by members and converts from another ward. (we also had a dinner party with them and ate a ton of Crab the night before).
     When it comes to our investigators: All of them are progressing nicely. We received a reference this week from the Sister Missionaries (or I think it was from them) and the next day the reference was at our house WAITING FOR US! She told us that she always went to the movie nights that Sister Chamberlain has and that she was really interested in the church. She is the most golden investigator I have ever seen and is always super excited to learn about the church, the book of Mormon, and prophets. A great blessing it is to have her apart of our program.
     Thursday night we were leaving the house of a member and when I stepped outside I thought: "It´s dark, I should probably take my watch off (my cool watch that I had from before the mission has already been lost, so this is my cool watch that I bought in the Bahia). Even though we were in a super safe part of our sector I thought it was odd I had this thought... and I decided not to follow the prompting. I made it a full 5 steps from the members house when I saw a man watching us. I instinctively moved myself away from him and kept walking. My companion was not so lucky. The man grabbed his shirt, ripping it, and pulled out a "muerto chancho" (it is the knife that they use to kill pigs, about 1 foot long) and demanded that my companion give him his money and watch. Then the guy tried to cut the watch off my companion and my companion just ripped it off and handed it to him. We then calmly walked to our next appointment. Maybe we should not make these robbings a casual thing.
     Elder Taza left this morning. We were an hour late to the terminal and when we got there we could not find the Assistants. When we finally called them they informed us that they were only a floor below us. Elder Taza left with Elder Quispitera to go to the office, he should leave Ecuador tomorrow at 5. The Assistants then told me that I would be training and that my companion will arrive from the MTC today or tomorrow and that I have a meeting in the Temple with President Johns (with all the other trainers) tomorrow night at 6! I am super excited. It will be fun to show a new elder around. I really don´t know what I am supposed to do... keep the rules, teach, find, baptise... but all with a new companion. I think it sounds exciting! We will see who he is tomorrow, if he is brown or white, Gringo or Latino. I personally hope he is Latino... I don´t want to loose the ability I have going with Spanish.
What a great week it has been. I will write tomorrow or Wednesday to inform you all who is my trainee (I need to give him the opportunity to write home to his family to tell them that he arrived OK).
Love you all,
Elder Robinson

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