Monday, May 10, 2010

"No sé...creek creek..."

Family and Friends, Lost and Found, Here and There,

Shout Out: Yeah!!! Cambios!!! The best time of year (or every six weeks) so this Shout Out goes to Cambios!!! (Changes!!!)

Shout Out 2: Family!!! I got to talk to all of you yesterday for Mother´s Day. And by everyone: Everyone but Ann. I will see what I can do, maybe I can squeeze in a call... but don´t hold your breath (like I saw Mary and Abram can do). Thanks for the Amazing Support that each of you are for me. It is a comfort to know that there are people at home who still love me and that... hey, even if we are separated by 4000 miles... we will be together forever!

Cambio 7 Numeros:
Lessons Taught: 130
Investigators in Church: 24
New Investigators: 57 (the goal was 60)
Baptisms: 4

My Week:

So it was another crazy week like normal. I think only 3 or 4 people died in my sector this week which should be seen as a huge improvement! We put together the baptisms for Enrique Bermeo and for Karelys Terranova. The Baptism was absolutely wonderful and we even joined up with 7 de Septiembre so that we would have 3 baptisms at once. (Photo 2: My converts this change: Hno. Jacinto Bermeo, Karelys Terranova, Lupe Bermeo, and Enrique Bermeo (in order)).

I was working this week with Elder Saldaña. He is an absolutely amazing missionery and he knows our sector perfectly. I learned a ton from him and will try to work in everything he taught me about the people he worked with when he was here. He has now been sent to Machala and was super excited to go (he thought he would never serve outside of Guayaquil again). I was sad to see him go... but CHANGES!!! (Photo 3: Elder Robinson, Saldaña, and John Baqui)

Last night the Zone Leaders called us to give us the Changes. We were told that Elder Saldaña would be leaving and that Elder Balcone would be leaving as well. After listening to Elder Balcone´s protests for another 10 minutes the Assistants called to inform me that I would be training again!!! YEAH! TRAINING! My current companions are Elders Estrada and Elder Tobar.

On our way to the Terminal this morning (The Bus Terminal where we have a huge group meeting to know where we are going) we were running a bit late. We where almost to the terminal when.... BOOOM!!! A car a little bit ahead of us burst into flame! Maybe my mission is a little to exciting: Murder, robbings, threats, and cars blowing up in the street. No one was hurt AND I got some cool photos! Needless to say we were late for the meeting. (First Photo: Car that blew up!)

At the meeting Elder Balcone left, we helped Elder Johnson find his way to his bus to Machala (Lider de Zona), waited for Elder Estrada, and found out that I am the new District Leader! I am super excited for this new task. I really have no clue what I have to do, but I am confident that whatever it is... I can do it. I have some extra help and I don´t know of a District Leader that has died as of yet.

Needless to say... I am stoked for this next change!

I have thought a ton this week about prayer. Anyway, I have been trying to think of ways that I can make prayer more personal... to make it feel like that I am actually talking to someone. Anyway, I had someone ask me how we could make prayer more personal and it has given me a TON of things to think about. I have my answers, but I am now curious... how to you all make your prayers personal? Send me your responses.

Love you all! I will send another email filled with pictures!

Elder Robinson

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