Monday, May 3, 2010

The Great Juggling Event...response from Christy

Elder Robinson-
Do you realize how much you have grown this last year?  Bilingual is only a part of it!! (I am bilingual too!  I speak English and Hyrum-ese.)  I love reading about how you are doing and what you are working on!  You amaze me!  Please continue to stay safe and work hard.  You are doing a WONDERFUL job.  I promise not to slam any doors or windows on you when you get home.  I love you so much!
PS- I'll send you more when I write the sister email later this week.  Right now I have to hurry and get things ready for Dad and Spencer (and Mom) to come help me tonight.  I have a LOT of projects I can't do alone- and I'm trying to get them all prepped and ready so I can send dad and Spencer from one project to the next!  Poor Spencer- I think we've (mostly Mom, Dad, and Grandpa) been making use of slave labor before he leaves in two-ish weeks.  He sure has been helpful though!

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