Monday, May 17, 2010

Chao! Chao! AND One year down!

Family, Friends, and Spencer,

Shout Out: Spencer David Robinson. Which is such an easy name to say seeing as everyone here has 4 names and they are never that easy: Laidie (Lady) Gregorie Villavicencio Torrez (or another crazy name like that). Spencer Robinson will be entering the MTC on the 19th (and I will complete one year on the 20th). Spencer is my amazing little brother that always made a great punching bag. I especially enjoyed the fact that I could blame him for everything and my mom NEVER believed me... how does she know these things? Spencer was the puny little guy that had seizures and mom had to blow on his face to make him better. I do remember when I broke his arm and then I lied to mom and dad by telling them his arm hit my head... I really can´t remember what happened... but his arm really did not hit my head. Once Spencer finally found what he was good at (swimming) I could no longer beat him up. He became more muscle than man*. So I did what I liked most and would just run away when he was ready to beat me up. To defend myself from his righteous anger I decided to learn Ju-Jit-Su...

I always called Spencer my Padowan because he always wanted to do what I was doing. But as it always turned out... I always wanted to do what he was doing. Now as he is preparing, in his final hours, for his mission I can honestly say that he is far more prepared than I or anyone I have ever known was or will be. This spiritual giant of a man has been such a great example to me over the years, has viciously shunned sin, and keeps himself always to a rigorous schedule. What can I say more than what has been said and done by him? Nothing! God speed!

My Week: Well. Maybe being District Leader is a little different than I thought it would be. I still don´t have a ton of time between meetings, my sector, and trying to train my companion... but I have enough to live. I had an interchange with Elder Poma from the Island this week. I sent my companion to the Island to spend a day with Elder Solares. Elder Poma and I had a great interchange and I learned a ton from him. He is a great teacher and even though he is one the larger side... his heart is just as big. Maybe being District Leader will give me more opportunities to learn from other people like Elder Poma.

Elder Vuinovic is doing just great. He is a little worried about the cleanliness of many things... but I hope that passes in the next few weeks. I truly have forgotten what truly "clean" is and will have to be dragged out of the Airport in Salt Lake before I start eating beans and rice off the floor. Learning from him is another great opportunity I have as well. He has such a "Greene Fire" and he wants to talk to everyone. Sometimes I have to remind him that we can´t talk to everyone but we can definitely set some return appointments.

Unfortunately this week... I learned that my mission has been extended... by one week! This means I will either come home the last few days of May 2011 or the beginning of June 2011. Crazy! This all has to do with the changes in the MTC´s. The Columbia MTC will be shut down in the next few years and ALL missionaries that will serve in Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela will be sent to Peru (Americans as well). With all the changes coming up... all the missions were extended by one week this change... and that throws my return date by a week. But all in all that should give me enough time to find and baptise another child of God (that is my purpose right?).

Today we went to go visit the Lighthouse (Faro), the Waterfront (Malecone), and the Iguana Park (Parque de los Iguanas). We had a fun time. I hope my companion learned a little bit more about the city. I got bit by an iguana... and maybe we should watch the iguana for the next week. Just to make sure it does not have rabies. Guayaquil rocks!

That´s my life.

Or part of the story.

Stay tuned.

Elder Robinson

*Quote from Star Wars: "Darth Vader: He is more machine than man..."

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