Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Family and Friends,
Shout Out: Spencer Robinson. Hey! You! Mister! 1...2...3 Good Morning Teacher! By the time you have time to read this you will only have 23 minutes left on your computer... don´t you just love the rules in the MTC (though the MTC was 2 of the best years of my life).  So that you can read all of this WITHOUT wasting all of your precious time (because I want to receive letters from you) you should print out this email and move on to the rest -OR- you can type in your MTC number again into the computer and change the last digit... not that this gives you unlimited time (I don´t know why it works) but here in the field... I have unlimited time!
I hope your first few days at the MTC have not blown you out of your suit. Get to love the cafeteria food! Wait! You will miss they days when you can drink water from the tap, eat lettuce, pig, sea food, and the likes... WAIT! Your going to GEORGIA! Haha! Never mind, you can eat whatever you want. Keep your head up, and soak up EVERYTHING in the MTC!
My Week:
Elder Vuinovic and I are working as hard as we can so that we can have 5 baptisms this change. In the last week we found 3 new people that BOTH went to church and accepted a baptismal date. We finished the week with 5 dates and of those 5 I believe that 3 will be baptised (12th of June). 2 are from Familia Chavez: Andrea and Renny. Andrea is 14 and Renny is 9. We were walking down one street, one of our appointments had just fallen through, and I saw these two kids so I decided to talk to them. My companion pulled out some American candy from his backpack, gave it to them, and we set up a return appointment. At the 1st appointment we taught lesson 1 and they accepted everything we said. At the 2nd appointment we read together the Book of Mormon and taught them how they can know if the book is true. We told them that they would feel good inside if they asked God in prayer. At the 3rd appointment we followed up with them and asked if they had read... everyone ALWAYS tells us that they have read... and yeah they never do... but here was Renny´s response:
"Yeah, we read together. We read about some guy named Nephi, and he knelt at Christ´s feet and kissed them. Then Christ taught about Baptism. We then prayed together and a voice said to us that the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet."
BIG SURPRISE! Not only did they read, but they remembered things that people NEVER remember (like Nephi). They then told us how they prayed and how they received an answer. I do not doubt them for one minute that they heard a voice (we did not even tell them that is a way that God can answer prayers, we talked about feelings from the Holy Ghost). Children always receive answers before adults do, because they are so pure and always ask God with real intent, and as these two children were telling me about their experiences... WOW, my companion and I (Elder Estrada, Interchange) flew through the roof. At the 4th appointment we brought the Primary President with us and taught lesson 2.  During the lesson we talked to the parents, received permission to baptise and invited them to Church the next day. They went to church. Loved it. They will be baptised the 12th of June.
Church was a HUGE disappointment this week. I can´t even tell you how many things went wrong. We even had a member give a talk about Christ and he testified 5x that Christ did not die for Everyone... only the chosen elect... Wow. Good thing we don´t have to listen to him every week.
We started teaching a Jehova´s Witness this week. Actually, she is not a JW yet... she has another year of studying to do before they will let her be baptised. We taught her lesson one and helped her understand that God loves everyone and that he never ever has told people they have to wait 2 years, study, and then take a test to be baptised. We helped her understand that everyone can live with God and not only 144,000 and that she can live with her family. She was absolutely delighted. Went to church and she also has a baptismal date for the 12th of June.
Being District Leader is fun. I never thought that people would listen to me AND take me seriously at the same time. I am still Elder Robinson, nothing has changed with me... but now people listen to what I say and how I say it. Kinda cool if you ask me. Though my time is a little strapped between training my companion, interchanges, baptismal interviews, meetings... and whatever else.
The week was just great. Zone Conference was a blast. President Johns gave a stellar testimony (this was his last conference with us) and we are not fully preparing for the new President (President Matalti from Venezuela).
I am still loving it here in Ecuador but if the truth be told... I hope I don´t spend my last year in the City. I don´t know how many times more I can watch people being robbed before I go mad. Or how many more times we have to listen to Gun Shots in the night and watch the police show up 30 minutes late.
But such is Ecuador Guayaquil South!
I love you all,

Elder Robinson

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