Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mysteries and Miracles

Family and Friends,
Shout Out: Elder Dyer. Elder Dyer is my amazing trainee. I have only spent 4 weeks with him but I can honestly tell anyone that there is not a stronger (spiritually) missionary in the mission. His desire to do whatever it takes is incredible and I am super proud of him. I can honestly say that we will be great friends after the mission.
My Week: So I have been thinking allot lately about the "mysteries" that the Lord talks about in the scriptures. The things that none of us know but can be made known unto us if we "Pray, Fast, and Search the Scriptures diligently..." I was actually reading in the book of Alma, about Ammon and his brothers, and how they went preaching among the Lamanites. They went among a people that were absolutely terrible to the point that many a Nephites wanted to grab their arms and go to war. But seeing as how the word is a much better weapon than the sword (and far more effective) they went on their mission. The story has it´s ups and downs and then finally ends with the conversion of thousands of people. In the midst of all of these words we find that Ammon gives the glory to the Lord and says that it was through their diligence, faith, prayer, and fasting that these "mysteries" were made known unto them...
Now I am in a similar situation: I am among a Lamanitish group. Many of them think they believe in God but after a 30 second conversation you find that they really have no clue who or what God is. They love to kill each other (2 in the last week) and robbing is a staple of life. I feel like the Nephite. The outsider. The missionary: Ammon (highly wishful thinking). So I have dedicated my time to finding out the mysteries of this sector: Where prepared people are, where prepared families are, and where the spirit is strongest. Being Elder Robinson I feel that if there is someone that can do it: IT IS ME!!! or so I thought...
When I started this change I felt strongly that we should put our baptismal goal for 4 people. I prayed about it, thought about it, and then I finally set the goal. It is a high goal for this sector. In the last two years this sector has baptised 10 people and now I want to baptise 4 in 6 weeks. Week 2 we had 2 baptisms. This was perfect... Elder Dyer had the chance to baptise and now we only need to baptise 2 more.
Week 3: Our program fell apart.
Week 4: See email to the Family (Families eyes only)
Monday of Week 5: Actually, some of this takes place at the end of Week 4 but seeing as Week 4 was a mess... Elder Dyer and I were tracking Tuesday (last week) and we both felt prompted to talk with a certain home. We did and we found out they were members and that their daughter is 9 and ready to be baptised... so we will baptise her in week 6. The other night I was with Elder Tobar and we were visiting some Recent Converts. While we were there the Brother told us that his brother wanted to hear our message. His brother is 78 years old. We talked with him and he said that he would go to church Sunday: and that if he liked it... he would stay. Sunday came and went... and he asked if he could be baptised. We will baptise him week 6.
I will complete this change with the 4 baptisms but not in the manner that I ever thought possible. My way of working was putting all the confidence in myself: running from house to house in the high humidly hot heat, sweating sweet sweat, and practically prophetically preaching profusely. On the side I had my studies, a few prayers, my companion, and Preach my Gospel. But when it came down to finding the people that need to be baptised, the Mysteries of my sector, I had to wait until the Lord prepared them and handed them off to me. I am grateful for the fact that the Lord trusts me enough to teach these few souls.
The mission is hard. Honestly, I don´t know how we do what we do every day. When I was young my mom gave me this phrase:
"Why do I do What I do When I know What I know?"
When I was young it was obvious my mom was asking why I did everything horribly wrong on purpose (Beating up Spencer, destroying the house, skipping chores... normal stuff). Now, only a few short months later, the phrase is something like this for me:
"Why do I do What I do When I know: Nothing?"
Really, what do I know? I read the scriptures, study the lessons, speak the language... and I try to convert people. I don´t know how this process works without the Lord. So that is why I do what I do when I have the help of the Lord. Without his help... I don´t do anything... I just run around in the streets sweating. Pleasant no?
Thanks for reading my jumbled thoughts this week. It was a long week and I still need some time to clear my head. I am thinking of you all and I love you all tons: those in Utah, Thailand, Indiana, or people who like to change directions. It really doesn´t matter, I love you all! Thanks for the support I have from all of you.
And thus it is between the Mysteries and the Miracles: It all unfolds itself into one.
That is all.

Elder Robinson

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