Monday, April 19, 2010

Sisters Email


     I must say that if I am dropped from this email... I will not visit ANYONE until October 2012. So unless people want me to visit after the mission...
     Homesick. I think that is a cool topic. I am not that homesick. I don't miss much. Just the: grass, houses, climate, friends, family, parents, a car, alone time, air conditioning, running, school, Spencer, girls, food, cleanliness, people who speak English (not that Spanish is a problem anymore), politics, parties, staying up late, sleeping in... everything! But remember, I don´t miss much. What makes all of this a little worse, it that I am training a new missionary. Someone that was in the States until about 3 weeks ago. So where is his mind? In the states. This means that I hear a ton about movies, girls, family... everything that he is currently missing. Not that I am missing home again, but those dreams started up again, the dreams where I find myself at home, with family, studying, in the mountains... in UTAH! I dreamed last night that I was in Utah again, there was a mistake in my paperwork and for Visa reasons I had to go home 6 months early. I hate these dreams... because I feel TERRIBLE! I don´t want to leave the mission, because I can´t imagine myself anywhere else... but I do want to be home.
     It is a lot like those movies that people watch, the ones where the main character is far from home, or in space, or on some great mission to save humanity... the film directors always take time to reflect on what the main character HAD beforehand: his home, family, majestic views of his country.... or stuff like that. Also, this is always accompanied by some semi-spiritual music. This is how I feel lots of the time and there is always some music in the back of my head while I am thinking of home. Homesick... good topic for this week.
     Well, seeing as how I am not a father yet, nor have children, I can´t really relate to hurting my children on purpose. However, here in Ecuador I have seen a ton of people go through some of the hardest things (with tears, sobs, loss of family... the whole shebang!) just to repent of the things that have done in their lives. I guess that is the closest I can see, when our Heavenly Father lets us have these pains so that we wont RETURN to the lives we left behind.

Keep up the good work. Love you all.

That is all.

Elder Robinson


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