Monday, April 5, 2010


Family, Friends, and All Others,

Disclaimer: I am not feeling very well so we are going to make this message short :)

Shout Out: Apostles and Prophets. Conference! What would we ever do if we could not listen to them every six months? Even, has it been six months since we last listened to them? I guess so... and wow does time fly.

My Week: Training a new companion is a lot different than I thought it would be. Everything that I took for granted... and stopped thinking about (as in I just do it) I now have to teach someone else. For example: We will be getting ready in the morning, or filling out paperwork, or updating forms... or whatever... and I do it without explanation... until my companion asks me "what are we doing?" and then I have to stop and think about it. It is a ton of fun and Elder Dyer is absolutely amazing. His Spanish is great but like all new missionaries it has a long ways to go. This means that I teach 90% of the lessons. Not what I like to do... but slightly necessary until my companion knows words like: sobre, consajeros, y ayuda.

Familia Bermeo will be baptised this week. They will be married tomorrow and then will be baptised on Saturday. I talked them into letting my companion baptise them. He is super excited and is memorizing the baptismal prayer.

The sector is moving along great!

I wish you all well!

Elder Robinson

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