Monday, April 12, 2010

Lost and Baptisms

Family and Friends,

     This week was yet another crazy week here from Guayaquil. My companion and I are working super hard to meet our goals... and yet we are finding that meeting our goals is the hardest thing to do. Looking back at my mission and the goals I have set... I have to admit that I have never had a problem in meeting my goals... then why now, that I finally have to train someone and start their mission out right with excitement, are we (I) finally having troubles meeting our goals? For example: For the last two weeks NO ONE has wanted to listen to us or to our message. This means that we have NO new investigators and that our program will quickly fall apart and we will have to restart everything (if you are not putting new investigators in EVERY week... the program dies). Anyway, starting my letter on that note... we did meet a goal this week that was SUPER unexpected.

     Last week for our planning session we put our goals together for this week and decided that we would have 0 baptisms or confirmations this week. Saturday night Familia Bermeo told us that they had everything ready for their marriage and that the Bishop´s family was going to be the witnesses. ¡Que Bueno! We decided then and there to set a baptismal date for them for the following Saturday. They were married Tuesday, we finished their lessons Sunday, they had their interview Wednesday, and were baptised Saturday. I have attached a picture of their baptism. What was even better was the fact that they asked my companion to baptise them. Even though he feels that he can´t speak Spanish, that we will never reach our goals, or that maybe missionary work was a little harder than he thought (He told me that he thought that being a missionary was easy, all you had to do was follow the spirit and baptise everyone that fell in your way... I remember when I thought the same things). His spirits were super elevated by the baptism and wow... what an amazing opportunity it was for me to be present. (In the Bermeo family they both are over 60 years old (he is 72) and they have been living together for YEARS... it is really cool to see how people can change their lives when they know what we are teaching is true).

     I also finished Jesus the Christ this week. I have now finished the entire Missionary Reference Library and I feel that my testimony has been put on steroids the last few months. What a powerful book Jesus the Christ is. I feel that I have gotten to know my Savior so much better and who he was as I have read this book. Also I am reading in depth the New Testament, I hope to have that one done before May 20th (the day I started my mission) so that I can go into my second year of my mission with a bang and teach and testify about what I really do know.

     That is basically the life of Elder Robinson. I am a little confused as to why some aspects of the mission have fallen apart but I am increasingly blessed by the little things the Lord puts in the way, and sometimes all he gives me is knowledge (but the baptisms were also anther big bonus).

Love you all!

Have a great week!

Elder Robinson

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