Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elder Pino and Zone Conference

Family, Friends, and those who might fall into any other imaginable group,

Shout Out: SPENCER ROBINSON.... because... well, haha. wink ;)

My Week: Cutting to the chase: Elder Pino from the 70 came to our mission this week. We usually have our weeks planned out a few weeks ahead of time but this week... no. Monday night we received a call from the Zone Leaders to tell us that Tuesday we would have Zone Conference at 3pm. Tuesday morning they called us again to tell us that Zone Conference had been cancelled because Elder Pino did not leave Salt Lake City. We then received another call to tell us that Zone Conference had been moved to Thursday at 10 in the morning and that we had to be 30 minutes early with our hair cut, parted, shoes shined, suits nice, no cameras, can´t ask for signatures... everything. OK. We can live with that.

Wednesday night we got home and I noticed that my Area Book was in a different spot. Odd... I always leave it in the same spot beside my desk. Maybe Elder Balcone needed something and took some of our extra sheets. We started planning, getting everything ready for the next day when we found this note from Sister Johns:


(I will translate it to English)

We were here with the Pinos to see your apartment. It looks as if it has improved greatly since last time we were here. Maybe you could wash the dishes and keep your beds straight. Thanks for all you do. (then there was a bit more)

Love you,

Sister Johns
President Johns
Elder Pino
Sister Pino

AH!!! ELDER PINO FROM THE 70 CAME TO OUR SUPER DIRTY HOUSE!!! QUE TRISTE! Anyway, our house was not as bad as it could have been... but with how busy the 70 is... I think he only had time to see one house in the entire mission... and President Johns chose ours! That was embarrassing.

When we got to the conference the next day President Johns and Elder Pino had not yet arrived. We all sat studying (us and 80 other missionaries) waiting. The assistants then got us all together for a picture. When we were all set in place Elder Pino showed up with his wife and President and Sister Johns. We took a picture and then started the conference. When the conference started Elder Pino leaned over to President Johns and told him that he wanted to meet each missionary individually. So we did. I was sitting in the front row and was called to go meet him first. I shook his hand, he asked me a few questions, told me how wonderful Orem was, and then I went back to my seat. This process with every missionary went on for about 40 minutes. Elder Thayne was at the piano playing prelude music. The Assistants came over to me and asked me if I could take Elder Thayne's spot while he met with Elder Pino. I agreed to play one song. When Elder Thayne finished meeting Elder Pino he came over and said, "Thanks Elder Robinson, I think you got it for now..." and left me to play for the next 15 minutes. I had to somehow find ALL the hymns that I could play before the mission and play them now, perfectly, because I was super nervous. As it turned out I played far better than I ever have in the past. I am sure my prayers were answered (help me! help me! help help help!!!). Everything was good until I ran out of songs and was searching for another one and dropped the hymnbook on the piano... BLOANGG! Thank got every ones attention... and back to "Near my God to Thee!"

The conference was amazing. Elder Pino talked a ton about our purpose as a missionary and about our call letters. Spencer, you should read yours again... in depth. I thought a lot about my purpose as a missionary and the things I am asked to do, and have to do, every day and how they bless and open the gates of the Celestial Kingdom to all the children of God that live in my sector.

Side note: for the break President Johns asked me, "Elder Robinson! Excellent, can you play the piano again?" ("...and ye shall hide all of thy talents under a bushel" Book of Heresy 4:56)

This week I also had a great 2 hour talk with Sister Johns. What an amazing person she is. I learned a ton about their family and what it takes for them to be Mission Presidents. It really normalized them in my mind´s eye. I always thought they were superhuman spiritual beings... but nope... the Lord called 2 perfectly ordinary, yet worthy individuals, to spearhead the work here in Ecuador. I am blessed to work under them. It will be really sad to see them go.

Another week comes!

I love you all!

That is all.

Elder Robinson

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