Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey! I noticed you didn't write!! Bonus points to me. I guess you can subtract the bonus points because I didn't write you last week. We'll call it even.
Today I am cooking. Cooking, cooking, cooking. I was invited to join a group of girls in the ward who exchange freezer meals. This round there are six of us. We each make two meals- enough for six families (six serving sizes). That's roughly 36 serving sizes. We bag them in freezer bags and trade. Vwala! We now all have 12 freezer meals. YUM! So.... we're making huge batches of stew and stroganoff. Hyrum was supposed to be over at a neighbors while I cooked (we were going to trade babysitting) but their kids are sick- so he's been at my feet all morning while I've been at the stove. He wants to get up so badly. Usually I lock the oven (because he likes to pull on it)... but if its locked, he climbs on the drawer, holds onto the oven handle and climbs up to the stove. BAD BAD BAD. Does anyone else see a problem with this? So while the oven is not on, its not locked. When it IS on, it IS locked. Who taught him how to climb?
His other new... feat (not yet accomplished) is trying to sleep in the toddler bed. I need his crib come January, so we figured we'd try to switch him over to a bed. Hmmm. He says, "ni-night." (Night night) and lays down holding a blanket and looking very sincere about his desire to stay on his bed. Half a minute (or less) later he's off and playing, or opening the door, or turning on the baby monitor, or climbing on his dresser (yes, he can do this) or getting in the diaper pail, or, or, or, or, or. When we walk in- he JETS back to his bed and says, "ni-night" like he's never going to leave his bed again- because he knows he's about to be put in his crib. Sure enough- in the crib he goes and he HOWLS. Hmmm..... how long can we keep this up?
Sure do love you.

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