Monday, September 21, 2009

I saw the sky the other day. It´s blue!

Family, Friends, Aunts, and people that might be somewhat lost in China,

Shout Out: Judd Family. Whoo Hoo! I hear that you are helping out my family a ton! Not that fighting chikens is very hard, or finding a turtle, or keeping things sane at home... or a half million other things. But thanks so much for watching my mom for me. She tends to accidently hurt herself. I thought I would give you a warning in advance. Thanks for all you do.

My Week: Whoa! Remember that really crazy family that I have been teaching for 9 weeks now? The one that would not get married, then decided to get married, then spit, then made up, then decided to live the law of chastity, then got married, then got mad at each other, then... GOT BAPTIZED! WHOA! Johny and Alejandrina Segarra are now officially members of la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días.

(see the attached picture: Hno Neilson (black guy), Johny, Alejandrina, the old guy is President Gonzaga (he has the same birthday as me!) and my companion, and I)

Crazy! It was a crazy week. Our lesson numbers were way down, we went a whole day without lessons... ouch. That has never happened before and I hope it never happens again.

We have another 5 baptisms in 2 weeks. At General Conference we will be baptizing: Jenny Rojas, Ruth Chichande, Diana Chichande, Katy Cedeño, y Kiara Hendriquez. Does anyone notice that these are ALL women? That is a problem... if this branch wants to become a ward it needs more men that can hold the priesthood. However, we will continue to baptize as many people that want to be baptized.

Also, Prayer works and the Lord loves His children. That is all. Pray.

Wierd News: So in my journal at home I have an entry from 4-5 years back that states something like this (and no, this is not an invintation for ANYONE to go looking through my journal) "A kid said that I looked like Jim Carrey today." Yeah, weird right? Well, this is not the end, during my highschool years I was told 5-6 times that I acted like and looked like Jim Carrey. Well I hate to break it to you... but I DO NOT LOOK OR ACT LIKE JIM CARRY. Why am I talking about this? I was in the middle of a "weekly planning session" the other day when my District Leader turned to me and said... (I will translate for convenience...) "Ah! You look like Jimea Kadi" (You look like Jim Carrey). There have now been 3 missionaries who have told me that. So that I can prove that I am not Jim Carrey I have also attached a picture of myself posing with my cool Ecuador Bag (given to me by a convert herself). And from this foto you should see that I look nothing like Jim Carrey but solamente comó Elder Robinson.

I feel as if I need to apologize for last week. I miss you all, I just don´t think about ALL of you ever moment or day... but I do think about some of you every day.

Now for things of UPMOST IMPORTANCE:

1. The best food I have ever had here in Ecuador: Wow, this is a tought one... I would have to submit that you have never truely been in Heaven until you have had Pinapple Cola. Hmm... that hot creamy broth of rice and boiled piña hits the spot every time. When it comes to main meals I would have to admit that I really do enjoy rice with beats. It is definitely new for me, but I really do enjoy it.

When it comes to American Food I would have to submit that I do miss it. American food tops all the food that they have here in Ecuador. Cultural Note: If you want to buy something "American" here you have to pay 3x the price. If you want to buy something that imitates "American" you have to pay 5x the price. Stick with Ecuador stuff, its cheap.

2. I am still in Pasaje with my Companion Elder Benavides. He goes home this change and I will be left in Pasaje to train the next missionary here. I might be here for another 3 months but only the Lord knows. I will be here for at least another 6 weeks (after this change ends). There are 2 types of training in the mission. The first type is training a "Greenie" like myself. Only Experienced Elders do that. The other type is training an Area, and the Elder that has the most experience in the area does that (anyone can do it) and it takes about 2 weeks (all I have to do is show the other Elder around).

3. I was just telling my companion the other day how perfect it would have been to have lived in the 50´s with the Baby Boomers when everything seemed to be family centered. Interesting that someone shares my insights on this. Also, I would have loved to have lived in an age similar to the mystical "Lord of the Rings." Hands down. I love mystical things.

1.Family Segarra is BAPTIZED!!!
2. Elder Benavides ROCKS!
3. Spencer Robinson has an assignment and BETTER get it done.
4. I want to kill the Pan Man.


Elder Robinson

Mom and Dad: I love you both. And Spencer has a special assignment, can you bug him until he gets it done?

Spencer: You have a special assignment. GET IT DONE. I love you!

Ruth: Conversation. What do you mean this is impersonal? Not that it goes through 5 people, is read by 30, and has to traverse 3 continents...
question: Is power reliable in China?
Thought: You mentioned that the Lord loves his children, and I thought your story was really cool. I know this to be true. I prayed for some answers the other day and I recieved an answer 3 times in 3 different ways (from the Mission President, A letter from home, and the Scriptures) all of these were random but I know I recieved an answer. And when I followed what the answers told me to do... problem solved. China is probably 40x crazier than here in Pasaje, Ecuador but we will have to find out when we sit down and talk about all these crazy experiences. Love Elder Robinson

Christy: Bug Spencer. Love you!

"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
-- Malcolm S. Forbes

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