Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey little brother

Thanks for the last email, I love the hair cut, and no you don't look like you are gaining weight.
I really do enjoy reading your mission experiences, soon there will be two Robinson missionaries out and about and its going to be really wierd. I met a cool person this week, her name is Lisa Motte Connelly, her husband is our Stake President. We were chatting and what do you know Lisa played Volleyball with mom at BYU!!! When I met Lisa at womans confrence she came down off the stage and gave me a huge hug....that says a lot we really do have the coolest mom, and I love meeting people that know her.
This weekend we will  go to Alice's  house for confrence, the kids are really excited. We are planning to make a whole bunch of sugar cookies for us to frost wtih the kids too. School is going well I am working on a paper today about some stories I read and the influence of war on children and vice versa. It should be somewhat interesting when I am done. :)
Reminder: Dad's bday this Friday so you better give him the next shout out!!! (Is he going to be 50? I can't remember, born in 1960, so 2009-1960 nope one more year to go till he is officiall an "old Man". :)
We've made you some birthday cards and the kids are excited to send them, but they weren't on white paper so I am going to email you the photos like I did wtih the family picture so that you can see them! We'll do better on the christmas cards I promise.
I love you, keep up the good luck, and have a wonderful week!
Lots of Love,
Ps. I don't know if Jeff is still writting you weekly, he is swammped, throughout the last week he has gone back to work several times after the kids are in bed and worked well past midnight (or 3 am) before comming home for a few hours of sleep, I'm sure he'll continue the weekly reports as soon as he can. He is taking a Nuclear Physics class and its kicking his but, but I know he'll get it eventually, he just has to put a lot of work into it. :)

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