Monday, September 28, 2009

Me basta decir...

Mis Amados Hermanos, Amigos, y Otros

Shout Out: Tia Lili (en englis ustedes decirían "Aunt Leelee"). This woman is absolutely amazing. She does our cooking (because she has our gas... there is kindof a gas crisis here in Ecuador. I don´t know why. There just is), does our laundry, feeds us every night and morning if we ask, and she acts just like our Tia (Aunt) and calls me Sobrino Robinson. She is really cool. If I had a picture of her I would send it to you.

We are not supposed to call members anything else than "Hermano" or "Hermana" but Everyone calls Lili "Tia Lili." So we go with the flow.

Tia Lili tells me that I am loosing weight. I would like to state that Latins LOVE to exagerate. I am not loosing weight I am actually GAINING wieght. I am a freekin´ floating balloon and am at least 230. (excuse me, I think the Latin "exageration" is rubbing off on me). Tia Lili even makes sure that I eat. I have to eat IN HER HOUSE. She makes sure I eat every bite (because when I was first here there were a few meals that I skipped). This is Tia Lili, and she is amazing.

My Week: My companion is falling apart. In a good and a bad way. He will be back in the States in 2 weeks and he can´t wait. Can´t focus. Can´t think. I still love him though. He is great. He is Trunky. I have attached a picture of he and I while we were at the Port in Machala. The ship behind us is the Aukland Star.

Spanish is going great. I am understanding people and I think they understand some of my words. This is a good thing. However, I have been asked on multiple occations if I am from Spain. Apperently my accent is Portugese. My companion does not know where I learned how to speak like this... I don´t sound like an American but I don´t sound like I am from South America. Odd.

Conference is next week. I am really stoked for this. I can´t wait to hear what the Prophet has to say to us. Unfortunately I will be listening to the conference in Spanish and I will probably only understand 70-80%. Thats fine. We learn through the Spirit, not through words.

We have four more baptisms this change. All of them are excited and they will all be out of the water in no time.

We have run into two new families. One family called us into their home, they saw us walking by and wanted us to councel them on personal problems... we can´t do that but we can show them a better way to live their lives. the other family is Merceres Sanchez. We were walking past her home when I told my companion that I wanted to go talk to her. "Vamos!" We were in the middle of the lesson, more towards the end, when she broke down and started crying. She lost her husband 3 months ago and has tons of kids and wants to know why bad things happen to good people. Fortunately for her, I had just read a great scripture in Jacob "All your afflictions will be consecrated for your good" or something like that. We have another appointment with her this week. She is reading and praying.

This reminds me of Jeremy. I did not know Jeremy all that well. I remember being at his house a few times when I was young. He was cool and fun, but he and his twin always did things with Amy, or Ann, or Christy. But he was always nice to me and he was my friend on Facebook. I am sad to hear that he has moved on. It will be tough on his family. Trust me, I am working with a family in a simmilar situation. Best wishes to them.

Weird News: The family that "lives" below us had a party last night. They trashed our entryway.

Tambien we were teaching a lesson to Katy Cedeño. Andres was there (Uncle of Ruth Chichande). He is sooo smart but he likes drugs. He was really high and it was really funny. The wierd thing is he still makes sense when he is high, he just cant answer questions very well but he remembers EVERYTHING. Por Ejemplo: He has started reading the Libro de Mormón. He is in Alma. During the lesson a cross dresser walked in the room (please don´t ask) and asked a question. Andres opened up the Book of Mormon, flipped to Alma (remember, he is high) and read... "And the Devil walked into their homes and possesed them..." (or something like that). "Hey look! Its true!" It was really funny. I don´t think the cross dresser heard him though.

Now for things of UPMOST IMPORTANCE:

1. We have started teaching a TJ family (Testigoes de Jehova). Their 11 year old boy has memorized questions from their church to through at us. Never fear my friends... always remember: TRUTH CAN DEFEND ITSELF! An 11 year old boy with memorized questions is no match for 2 missionaries with the Book of Mormon and Bible. No, I don´t Bible Bash, I share my testimony and that always suffices.

2. I got a haircut today! I was so proud of myself for doing this that I took a picture. I have added it to the email. Please admire the hair.

3. I don´t have a hard copy of the picture with the boat and my companion. Can someone save that for me?

1. Pan Man must die...
2. Doll Man + Machete = Disaster
3. Spencer Robinson completed his assigment (short applause)
4. Saca v Arias por Ramon...awkward

Love you,

Elder Robinson

Ruth- Hey, WOW! China is SUPER exciting. I love the letters. Keep them comming, if you have time, I have scheduled freetime, you probably don´t. I have around 50 questions but I can never remember my quesions when I get to a computer. Sorry about that. Was the Great Wall everything you thought it would be? I think I want to watch the movie Mulan when I get home? I understand that Disney does not do a good job at portraying culture... but I must ask: Is China like Mulan or Kungfu Panda?

Enjoy it until the End


Elder Robinson

"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
-- Malcolm S. Forbes

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