Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day?

Family, Friends, and Other Possible Countries (France, China, The Hellenic Republic of Greece...)!

Shout Out: Yellowstone! YEAH! Need I say more? I submit that I do not.

Labor Day. I forgot about that Holiday, I hope you all enjoy it for me.

My Week: Wow, talk about mind blowingly CRAZY! I don´t even know where to start. (this could be possibly due to the fact that I don´t remember what did happen this week...)

Life here in Pasaje is still moving forward. We have 4 investigatores that have a Fecha Bautismal: Familia Segarra (2), Sebastian Orobio, y Ruth Chichande. We had another, Jenny Rojas, but she just got a job in Machala and she works everyday from 9am-9pm. This means that she can´t make it to church (which is a requirement for baptism). We will see what happens, we happen to be close to were she works (in Machala) and will visit her and convince her that salvation is slightly more inportant than money.

Beyond that... Nothing.

Now to talk of things of UPMOST IMPORTANCE:

I have recently started a new way of marking my scriptures, I am really excited. When it is finally completed in 2-3 years I will have every topic from "Desire" to "Great Apostasy" including "Athority" and "Fear" all at my fingertips. I am excited. However this new method takes a ton of work and I only have 3 hours to study every morning. 1 of which is mine, 1 of which is my companion´s and mine, and 1 of which is spanish.

The question was recently asked what do meals here in Ecuador usually consist of. Well that is a good question. I would have to admit that it really depeneds on who is cooking. Some people cook their rice with  beans, others add meat to the rice, while others venture by adding eggs. Actually, if I had to be truely honest I would have to admit that every meal has... RICE! Ingredients:

The Daily Meal

1/2 Plate White Rice
1/2 Plate Beans
1 Boiled or Fried Platano (kind of like a banana)
1 Bowl of Soup
1 Large serving of either Egg or Meat atop Rice

Serve Warm (this means cook the egg last, we wouldn´t want ANYTHING to be served cold, that is disrespectful)

1 Picher of Juice (never plain water)

I would have to ask one question back to the person who asked me that question...¿Do the kids live at the school with you? ¿How do living arrangements work?

Family. Wow. It has been great. If we can take one thing away from this week it would have to be that we are all ¡Children of God! ¿Right?

1. You should not serve fish with its fins, eyeballs, and bones AND expect your guests to eat the whole thing
2. Missionaries are always protected...even by drunk people (I guess the Lord uses whoever is around)
3. Family Segarra will be married tomorrow

The missionary who aparently is loosing weight but actually thinks he is gaining weight. Personally I believe this is just another excuse for people to try to get me to eat more food. THEY EAT A TON HERE.

Elder Robinson

Sister Judd: I was thinking. When my mom wanted me to calm down she would hold my hand. It always worked, it probably still works. I don´t know why but that is just the way I was. Maybe that will work with Sam.

Ruth: Yep, I think you are definitely in a missionary style of living. However, here in Ecuador we Missionaries live really comfortably compaired to the people. I have taught lessons in houses that our made out of slates of wood, have dirt floors, and no plumbing. My apartment looks like a mansion compared to 90% of the places here. Enjoy China while you can. I can´t believe I only have 20 months left in Ecuador, the time is flying SO fast!

"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
-- Malcolm S. Forbes

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