Thursday, July 16, 2009

Travel Plans!

Family, Friends, All!

I have my Travel Plans. I am finally leaving the MTC in just over a week from now! Here they are:
(ok, see next post)
Beyond that. My week has been great. If you try to contact me using after this Thursday I will not recieve your letters here at the MTC, so please use the website to address them to the Guayaquil South Mission Headquarters. I will get them in South America. I would highly suggest everyone use if you ever want to say something to me. Letters take 2-3 weeks. Way to long for news to get around.

Shout Out: This week the winner is: Ruth. Yep. Ruth is the only person that answered ANY of my questions that I posed last week. In fact: Spencer. You failed at your specific assignment. I still love you all. But Ruth wins. Sorry, I really won't send you a cookie. Maybe I can figure something else out. Don't kill me if it is actually Cantonese like I think it is.

My week: Um... boring. Except I get to leave soon. Elder Griswold and I are still getting along great. We have an absolutely awesome companionship. Spanish is comming along great. We now speak only in Spanish and I am really struggling with putting sentances together in my head. However, I can work at a one-word-at-a-time-pace. It gets the job done. The good news: I can now listen to American Spanish Speakers and understand almost everything they are saying. Whenever I talk to a native I have trouble understanding what is being said because they have different dialects kinda like the South has a different fom of English than the rest of the United States. It just takes some getting used to. I am not worried about my Spanish though. It will come in time.

Thought of the Week: Pendragon. I would hightly recomend you read this series if you want to understand Satan and the War in Heaven. I was thinking about it this week. That series has so many parallels between Satan and the bad guy Saint Dane. Here are a few:
Satan and Saint Dane both wanted everyone to be good.
Satan and Saint Dane left thier "heavenly home" to controll the people of earth
both think they are right (hence Saint Dane has the word "Saint" in his name)
Both only influence people to bad things, they don't actually do them.
Both are opposed by "heavenly" beings
People have to choose to follow them (Satan and Saint Dane)
Both eventually loose in the end for the same reason. Satan looses because "the foundation of the Great and Spacious Building is Pride" and Saint Dane falls because he gets so Pridefull in his work that he fails to recognize some key things in his followers and in eventually conqured.
When they are beaten both Saint Dane and Satan are cast bound and have no more power. Actually Saint Dane ceases to exist, but same difference right?

So read the books. They are really good. And I wish I had finished them before I left for my mission.

I hope everyone is having a great week. This letter is short because there is really not that much stuff to report from the MTC. But in a week I will have SO MUCH STUFF to say.

Wish me luck.

Elder Robinson.


Dad- How are things going? I have not heard from you in a while. Everything still great at home? Mom mentioned that you were making some great progress at the Rental and on the Home.

Spencer- I still love you, but you did fail last week. I believe in forgiveness. Have a great week.

Family- I really really love you all.

Mary- I ran into two Teicherts today. One recognized me and I have not seen her since I was a young child. The other one had no clue who I was, It was a really fun conversation though. The one that knew me was Rodney's older sister.

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