Friday, July 17, 2009

Hola! S America Here I Come!

Family and Friends,

This email will be really short. But I have my reasons.

Shout Out: Ann. Apperently she is the first one that wrote me in South America. I don't know yet. But I am excited to get that letter.

If you want to write me remember to use and have the website (it has a dropdown menu) send it to the Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission Headquarters. It is free for you and fun for me.

I leave early in the Morning on Monday. I am excited and this week has been a wizz. I have learned how to confuse myself with Spanish, teach with the Spirit, and get along with a companion. That is what the MTC is for.

I love you all. I will write a ton more next week.
If you want to send me a package in Ecuador here is the address. Apperently you have to use a "green" slip. I don't know what that means. Otherwise it is likely to be stolen.

Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission
Calle G. N 601, Edif. Mallorca, 3 Piso
Colla. Kennedy
Guayaquil, Guayas

(I am reading this from my companions really bad handwriting, so it might be wrong.)

I love you all!

Elder Robinson

Mom- A box is comming. They should call you. I hope you get it. I want you to listen to one of the tracks on the CD for Family Night. I also want you to copy that track and email it to some really cool people (Mary, Michelle, Ruth...)

Michelle- I saw Justin at the Temple today. If he does not say hi to you for me slug him.

Amy- I ran into Patrick Webb. Apperently you know him. He told me to tell you hi. He works at the MTC.

Dad- I don't know the Pin for the Credit Card. Sorry about that. Could you get that to me? Oh, I withdrew 120$ from my checking account today (travel purposes).

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