Wednesday, August 11, 2010

KM 26 o lo que sea (Provenir 1)

Queridos Faniliares y Amigos,

Estoy aqui en KM 26 terminando mi dia... and as such I don´t have a ton of time. I get to write you today because I received a new missionary and he gets to write home to his family, telling them how he is, where he is, if his flight was fine... minor things. My Trainee is Elder Cruz. He is from Quito Ecuador and is the youngest missionary in the misson. He is 18 and wont turn 19 until next Febuary. He has special permission to be here because he will be attending the University of Utah 2012 in the Fall. So... he needed to enter the mission early. Apperently writing a letter to the 70 and having a good reason does the trick.

KM 26, or La Virgen de Fatima, or Porvenir 1 (my sector has 3 names) is amazing. I feel like I am in Naranjito again! I know I will learn to love it just the same. In fact, I am already in love with it and the people. Country people are SO different from City people. Quite. Calm. Willing to listen. I love them. We live in Milagro... but we have to travel 40 minutes every morning on a really crowded bus to get to our sector... and then we have to finish early every night... to get home to our house. We leave the sector at 8. A time when it would be perfectly perfect to teach. President Montalti told me today to find a new house... in KM 26. It will definitely save some travel time (1.5 hours every day) and money.

The district is great. I am really excited to work with the Elders here in Milagro. It is such a blessing to learn from other people. Watching them make mistakes and then deciding that you are not going to do the same. Here in Milagro I don´t have to watch them make mistakes. They just don´t do it. So I just watch them do amazing things and then I copy. Unimaginitive... I know. But it works. Emulation. Or something like that.

We already have a family that is going to go to church with us! How cool is that! Thanks for all of your support. I have to sign out... got to get back to Milagro.

 Keep praying for the missinaries and all that they do. Not that we do anything. I am fully convinced that the Lord does it all. I just like following where he leads. And when he leads me to KM 26...


Elder Robinson

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