Monday, August 30, 2010

School Again...

Family and Friends,

Before I start this letter I would like everyone to know just how inept I am when it comes to computers. Last week my companion and I went for our Pday to KM 26 y Boliche to take TONS of photos... We had a blast doing it. I would have sent them in an email to you all last week but the computer in KM 26 did not recognize my camara. I decided to send them to you this week. The computer recognized my camera. I had the pictures... and then I erased all of them... How I don´t know. But that was 3 hours and 74 pictures that just went down the tube. Maybe not down the tube... but it has been confirmed that they no longer exist. I don´t even know how the computer erased them from the camera memory. Computers. Silly things.

My Week: Pictureless.

We are preparing Santiago and his wife Sara for baptism. All they have to do is get married. Santiago has gone to church for over a month now and he loves it. Sara will graduate from Collage in 2 weeks and then she will start going to church. Santiago will be baptised next week, receive the Priesthood and then 3 weeks later he will baptise his wife, mother, and brother. It will be a cool service.

We are also preparing Dario Gonzalez for baptism. He just needs to get married as well. The only problem I have with him... is that he is 35 and his wife-to-be is 15 and pregnant with his baby. O´dear. I guess I am not in the United States anymore. You just kind of go with the flow. She and her family are ok with the marriage. He wants to get baptised... but it always has to be the marriage question that gets in the way. When these two families get married they will make the 5th and 6th families I have married here on the mission (ok, I didn´t marry them, I just talked them into it).

Did I mention I just erased 74 photos and 3 hours of picture taking? I still can´t get over that.

Let me describe the photos I erased to you then...

Your imagination please:

Photo 1: The dark green landscape of Boliche looking off to the south towards purple tinted mountains. Fields and a sugar cane factory off to the left. Misted sky.

Photo 2: Elder Robinson standing under the sign that says, "Boliche" Highway that goes towards KM 26.

Photo 3: Elder Robinson sitting on a dyke as water rushes past. Behind me: a freshly plowed field and a line of trees. Misted sky with a "evening" feel to the shot.

Photo 4: Elder Robinson and Cruz standing on an old wire and metal hanging bridge. The rusted steel mixed with the majestic water below made a photo that would have taken an Oscar Award.

Photo 5. Elder Robinson sitting on a dirt road leading off into a rainforrest like setting. Arms crossed. Large palms and ferns drapping the sides of the photo.



Photo 74: Again Elder Robinson in KM 26 next to a road sign that says: Guayaquil, Milagro, and Naranjito. 3 of my 4 sectors.

Ok. Pitty party over. So is this email.


Elder Robinson

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