Monday, July 5, 2010

Independencia... :)

Family and Friends,
Shout Out: President Johns. The Best Mission President I ever had. He will definitely be missed here in the mission and I am looking forward to contacting him after the mission. I and many other missionaries looked up to him for EVERYTHING and he was always super personal and concerned about our sectors, work, and families. He and Sister Johns will always be remembered here.
My Week: We had a change of Mission President. President Montalti is the new president of Mission Ecuador Guayaquil Sur. He is a private buisness owner from Venesuela. He will be a great president it will take some time to get used to the changes he is making with the mission though.
I made my companion throw up this week. He wasn´t feeling good and he wanted to get the food we had eaten for lunch out of his stomach. He told me he was just going to stick his finger down his esophogus... I decided there would be a better way. I put a TON of salt in a glass, put a little bit of water in... and told him to drink. Here is the experience:
E.V. = Elder Vuinovic
E.R. = Elder Robinson
E.V. This is TERRIBLE (After first Swallow)
E.R. You need to drink it all!
E.V. Really! Really! ALL!!! It doesn´t even go down!
E.R. (Laughing) Elder!!! DRINK IT!!!
E.V. (Swallow) Elder... it burns! My mouth... I am dry... It hurts!
E.R. (Now scared for his companion) Um... Make yourself throw up then!
E.V. (unable to speak... I thought he was choaking)
E.V. (small voice) I Can´t... it burns...
E.R. Um...
We both laughed about it for about an hour. I read in a book somewhere, years ago, that if you need to throw up... drink super salty water. I CAN TESTIFY THAT IT WORKS! My companion felt better afterwords. Apperently it is not a very fun process and it makes your mouth burn.
My spritiual experiences from this week come from some studying I did from a talk called "Remember Lot´s Wife." It was given by Jeffery R. Holland the 13th of January 2009 at BYU. I would suggest everyone read it on . There was a lot of things that I needed to read and hear and study especially now as we are changing mission presidents.
I am still alive. Kicking. More like it. But nothing new to report. After 6 months in Independencia... "Smile and wave boys... smile and wave..."

Elder Robinson

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