Monday, June 28, 2010

Independencia... for 6 weeks more...!

Family and Friends,
(note, I am struggling really hard to keep the "L" working on my keypad. I don´t have a ton of time... so it it does not work when I push it... there will not be an "L", please understand.)
Shout Out: President Johns y Maltalti (or something speled like that). President Johns finishes his 3 years this week on Wednesday and President Maltalti starts his 3 years... Wednesday. I realy enjoyed the time that I had to work under President Johns, he is an amazing Mission President and I would not be surprised to see him as one of the 70 in a few years or months. Keep your eyes pealed for an "Eder Johns" in General Conference... it is going to happen...
My Week: Normal. Needess to say more. I received changes last night for my district. Eder Poma and Elder Tobar were the only two to change. Eder Estrada will be training and Elder Solares will be a Senior Companion. I am still with Eder Vuinovic and we are ready to work tirelessly hard this change to bring to pass much good. Yeah, we don´t have any idea where we are going to go. I feel like I have talked to EVERYONE... but... hey. Obviously we have some improving to do. Murmuring never helped ANYONE.
We have started our new strategy of going house to house knocking (or yelling HA VER!!!) and sharing our message. We have had some success with getting into peoples houses... now we just need to get them to church and into the water!
Baptisms: 3
New Investigators: 76
Lessons Taught: 167
Investigators at Church: 27
Number of times the Spirit was felt: Priceless
I believe that we can baptise... 3-4 more people this change. We have a family that wants to be baptised... but they have to change houses (and by "house" I am referring to the meta door, 3 cement rooms, without complete ceiling or locks, shelter they live in that lies between two houses and a pharmacy!) because they cannot afford rent every month. This means we will have to pass them onto whatever missionaries they end up falling under... sad day.
The heat is starting to pick up again. We have enjoyed the last 2 months of cloudy days and coo mornings. I even have started to sleep with a sheet to keep myself warm! The rains won´t be here... for another 5 months and I PRAY to be out of Guayaquil when they come... there is something that just does not sit correctly with me... Trash filled streets, dead dogs, dirt.... and flood waters to walk through. NO SIR! I don´t want to be in Guayaquil when the streets flood!
Note: I live 7ish blocks from the Chapel. It is a ward... right now... but it is going to be downgraded this year to a branch. Cisne Stake does not have enough Priesthood holders to keep the Stake running like a Stake.
If the truth must be told: I have nothing more to say!
I love you all. I am still District Leader. I will never ever ever have time to study if people won´t stop calling me or keep having problems. That is the fun part.

Elder Robinson

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