Monday, June 7, 2010


Family and Friends,

Shout Out: To those that are...fill in the blank. I am thinking about you!

My week: In flashes:

Flash 1: Ana Bermeo. We found her a week ago. She is 15. She read the Book of Mormon and prayed. She marked up her Book of Mormon. Memorized some passages. Wrote down some questions. Decorated her Book of Mormon again (it no longer looks like a 1$ Book of Mormon, but a 80$ novelty). She got her answer. We asked her if she wanted to be baptised. She told us she was just about to ask when she could be baptised. She is going to church and really changing her life around. She is one of those "all black, death, Gothic girls." Never judge anyone the Lord puts in your way. She will be baptised next week.

Flash 2: Genesis Cruz. She was a reference from a member. She is 15. She was studding with the Jehova´s Witnesses for 1 year. We helped her understand that she could be baptised now. She will be baptised this week. Her grandma was just reactivated and is going to church every Sunday with her in a wheelchair. The power of references.

Flash 3: Rat. 9:30 at night. We have known that we had a rat in the house for the past 5 weeks. Though we thought it was Elder Estrada (just jokes). I was tired. I undressed, put myself in a towel, and made my way to the bathroom to shower. I opened the door and RAT ran out. Elder Tobar yelled to Elder Vuinovic to grab the broom. We corned the rat under the fridge. I was still in a towel. Elder Tobar smashed the rat and a few choice organs spilled all over the floor. We have some photos. No more rat.

Flash 4: Robbed. Late at night. Going home. My companion decided to talk to someone he should not have. I moved away. The guy put a knife to my companion. My companion had no clue what was going on. I told him in English: "He is robbing you." My companion yelled, "I DON´T HAVE ANYTHING! WHAT DO YOU WANT!" The guy didn´t understand. I bailed my companion out and gave the guy a dollar. My companion threw him some pennies. Maybe we should stay by our senior companions... right?

Flash 5: Robbed again. My companion remembered the robbery from the other day. He stayed with his companion. We were followed. It was morning. We moved toward the market really really fast. We made it away without being robbed. Really we were not robbed again.

Flash 6: Turtles. From the Galapagos. When I go to Galapagos I want to go with my wife. Why go when you can´t go to the beach? Turtles. Huge! 700lbs. I have tons of pictures. I feel complete. What more do you need in your life if you have pictures of giant turtles? I felt like I was in Jurassic Park. Good movie.

Flash 7: Interview with President Johns. The last one. I am sad to see him go. But life moves on. Do I? He often visits Orem. He wants to stop by and visit mom and dad after I have finished the mission. I am going to call him for sure. The best mission president in the world: President and Sister Johns. I learned a ton in the interview. I received information about 7 de Septiembre and how to make prayers personal.

So that was my week in 7 flashes. I did this because I was in the middle of like 90 conversations with my family over email. But that is just how life goes by: in flashes!

Love you all. Keep up the faith!

Have a great week.

Elder Robinson

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