Monday, May 23, 2011


Family and Friends,

We had a wonderful week. There were a million things that went perfectly. This is exactly how I want to end the month of May.

1. Jim Franco was baptised. We did the service without any Priesthood Leaders present. We informed the entire ward but nobody showed up... so there was nothing more I could do. We did have 10ish non-members present though (2 of which will be baptised this week). It was an amazing baptism and everyone really enjoyed it. I am hoping to put a few more baptismal dates this week with those that attended.

2. We have a convert named Maria Luisa Riera. She is 62 years old and has really bad health. A year ago she was in a bad bus accident where many people were killed. She was in a coma for a month and received some damage to her spine. For the last year now she has been in constant pain due to the damaged spine and the doctor informed her last week that in little time she will probably be unable to walk: for life. As we were visiting with her and listening to her list of the doctor´s conclusions... my companion and I had the impression to give her a Blessing of Health (is it called that? Spanish: Bendicíon de Salud). I anointed and my companion sealed. We finished the blessing and she burst into tears declaring that the Lord had been merciful to her and that everything was going to be alright.

We didn´t stop by for a few days to visit her. My companion and I both felt that the blessing had been directed by the Lord but we didn´t know what the results would be. Finally we passed by her home to see how she was doing... and she practically jogged to the door to greet us... something that she couldn´t have done before... she told us that the pain was gone! She didn´t connect the miracle to the blessing (she being a new convert) and told us that the medicine that she had been talking for months must have finally kicked in and done its job... At least she is healed from the pain though, all because of the unwavering faith she has in the Lord. It is one of the greatest tender mercies I have seen from the Lord on my mission.

3. This week is going to be CRAZY... Here is my schedule:

Monday: P-Day. Lessons

Tuesday: District Meeting. Lessons. Baptismal Interviews.

Wednesday: Multi-Mission Conference (Elder Gonzalez). Lessons. Baptismal Interviews.

Thursday: Service: Chapel. Lessons. Baptismal Interviews. Baptism: (Alvaro Franco)!

Friday: Leadership Meeting. Planning Session. Lessons.

Saturday: Deep Cleaning. Lessons. Baptisms: (Emily Cedillo and Moroni Almeida)!!

Sunday: Church. Confirmations. Lessons. Farewell.

3 BAPTISMS!!! And a million baptismal interviews in the district. The work is definitely progressing.

4. Elder Scott wont be able to make it to Ecuador so we will be listening to Elder Gonzalez instead. O´well. It isn´t every day that you get to listen to one of the presidents of the Seventy.

I love the work!!! This is going to be a great week!

I keep having dreams and flashbacks of all of my sectors. Faces, people, experiences... this week could be harder than I thought it would be.

Love you all, Thanks for your support.

Elder Robinson

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