Monday, February 7, 2011


Family and Friends,

     The last Family email I wrote today was una bina. Lo siento por la carta terrible. I didn´t have time to write more than just a few breif lines. So here is a real update on what is going on here in Guayaquil Ecuador.

     As I mentioned last week: I am currently in Portete Guayaquil. The sector is much quieter, in social terms, than my last sector in Guayaquil, although the sector is only 15 minutes away in bus. I guess 15 minutes can really make a huge difference in a city. My companion was Elder Tobar. We have been in the house for the last 2 weeks recovering from medical issues. He actually should be fully recovered today after the docter takes some plastic plates out of his sinus system. I was going to be present for the appointment but last night we were told that Elder Tobar would be transfered to another sector in Guayaquil and that I would be receiving Elder Caldaron from Loja. He should be arriving tonight around 6sh. The bus ride from Loja is 8-11 hours long. I went with Elder Tobar to the Terminal this morning. He wasn´t all that happy to be leaving Portete but there is not much we can do when it comes with changes. We just go with the flow and pray that everything turns out right. I will be opening my sector. To open a sector means that 2 new missionaries are present who don´t know the program, the members, nor the investigators. That would be Elder Robinson and Calderon. Elder Tobar was going to show me around the sector today... but that didn´t work out as we thought. Anyway. I am excited to get back to work. I have gotten pretty sick of the house and the 2 rooms we have.

     Health Update: My knee is now doing fine. Everything worked out right and we wont have to be doing any form of surgury nor further treatment.

     I can´t describe how excited I am to get back to work! How cool is it to be a missionary in Ecuador! Anyway, everything I hear about Portete tells me that it is one of the greatest sectors in the mission. I am blessed to be finishing (I hope) my mission there. This will make a great begining for the end.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

I love you all,

Elder Robinson

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