Monday, November 22, 2010

"Rain, rain, go away..."

Family and Friends,

Now that I have time to sit at a computer and rethink of ALL the things that have taken place over the last seven days, I can honestly say that I have one word to describe it all: Miraculous.

We continued at full speed here in Cuenca to keep the members, our investigatores, and ourselves alive. We set some pretty impressive goals and we saw some great success. We decided that we needed more help from the members so unbashfully we started calling, visiting, and asking for help. The members came to the rescue and Sunday we had exactly 6 members help us and 2 families. We were litterally switching members every hour and we had 3 designated drivers to take us around town (the work goes by so much faster when you don´t have to walk 20 minutes between apointments). We finished off this week with 92 contacts, 11 new investigators, and 1 baptism.

The Baptism: Ximena Zhirapa was baptised. She was absolutely a golden investigator and was a complete miracle for us to find and teach. At her baptism she was crying as she told us that she has waited years and years to find answers and peace. Finally, with the Gospel in her life: she feels it. We felt it.

We were never able to heat the water so I baptised her in water that was close to -20 Degrees F. Hot water - Cold water. It all works to baptise people. You just have to convince them to enter: "Hermana... itttsss.... no...not...t.t.t....c..c.c.c.c.cold!"

Thursday: Like I said we spent the week working as hard as we possible could. Thrusday we even left the house a little early to contact people before they started making lunch. The entire day was a complete flop. We only talked to people. No one really wanted to hear our message. We set a few appointments and we just kept on working. At the end of the day (8:00) we made it to our last appointment. I thought they were going to tell us that they were busy and that we would have to come back later. While I was thinking these same thoughts I became facinated with the giant spider (triantula?) that was sitting in the middle of the street. When they finally opened the door they told us that we could come it. We spent some 10 minutes talking to get to know them and we were just about to start the lesson when I noticed that a giant rat was playing in the hallway. I was the only one in a position to see it... so I ignored it, not wanting to cause a fuss. We pulled out our hymn books and were teaching them how to use them when the rat decided to make a public apperance and ran into the room. All chaos broke loose. Needless to say we spent the next 20ish minutes looking for the rat to kill it. A good hit with a broom does the trick (see posts from Guayaquil- Independencia). We never foud the rat.

We restarted the lessson. From the very first words that began the lesson: the spirit was present. They accepted everything: Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, Prophets: The whole shabang. They told us they wanted a book. We gave them one (naturally). We left the appointment with smiles. They will be baptised. We will visit them tonight and put the date. I love the work.

I have pictures to send home... but this computer is not accepting my camra as it. Maybe later today I will be able to send some pictures off. We are leaving now for "The Valley" some members are taking us up there to eat Cuy (Guinie Pig). We will each kill our own, cook it, and then eat it. It is a very popular food here in Cuenca. I ate it twice in Naranjito and didn´t like it very much. For all the bones the animal has: it have very little meat. Not worth the time. Like crab.

Love you all,

"...come again another day!"

Elder Robinson

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