Monday, October 11, 2010

The Puzzle

Family and Friends,

The Happenings of 7 Consecutive Days (Notices from the Middle World)

The last few days have been odd. I am on the luke-warm side today so I wont be writting very much. We had a great week full of some ups and some downs. We changed houses this week. and we finally live in KM 26! The first missionaries that have ever done it!!! It is cool to finally live in our sector... but now we dont live with Elder Castro and Elder Hebdon. That is a definite down. I love those two Elders. They and our evening chats will be missed.

President Freire, our Bishop, is helping us a ton with our plans to have "Dia como Misionero!" We talked with all the ward members yesterday (oh, Church without electricity... a divine experience indeed) and about 40 of them told us they will show up and participate. I think we will start planning for 60ish people... that way we won´t have any surprises.

Is it just me or... is it getting really hot? I think the house we bought had a previous life of an oven. Or Ecuador is entering those months where if one touches something... the something is drenched in the sweat of the one.

Reading all the family emails was great. I love you all. I am excited that everything is still going great.

My great news this week: Smith Vargas was baptised. He just needs to be confirmed a member of the church.

Letters will be sent out this week. We have not received mail in... over a month... so I dont think I am going to wait any longer. I am just going to write some great letters to ya´ll.
That is about it folks. This is the great puzzle of my life: To know what to do and how to do it without making enemies or getting nothing done in the process.
I with Sara Skousen luck with her wedding preparations.

Send me questions if you want answers!
Home! You got to love it!

Elder Robinson

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