Monday, September 20, 2010

Mostly Marriages & Missionaries

Family and Friends,
Special Thanks: To all of you who wrote me this week. There were a ton of you... that was really cool. The moral boost that EVERY letter brings to a missionary is something special and for the most part sacred. From the deepest portions of my heart please accept my thanks.
My Week: What a selfish person I am. For exactly 16 months now I have been writing letters home and have always had a section called "My Week." I think I am going to change this sadistic habit. Not that it is MY week or anything I did that made it special. It is more of The Happenings of 7 Consecutive Days or Notices from the Middle World.
The Happenings of 7 Consecutive Days (Notices from the Middle World):
Our house in 26 was aproved by the Assistants! This means that we will begin moving in... THIS WEEK! What day? I hope that the process is said and done by Saturday. I don´t want to drag this out. We actually found a better house for only $60 per month. But... it was more than slightly filthy... and with first impressions these days... We are going to stick with the $100 apartment that covers the light and water bills.
We had changes today. I was super nervious last night that I was going to be changed from 26. I had more nerves because I had no clue what President Montalti was going to do. He is still on the "unpredictable" side. We have so many families that are progressing... I can´t leave yet. Anyway. I am practically positive that I will be here for another 4-5ish months. !Que Bueno¡ But the changes did hit my District.
In my district there are 4 wards and 10 missionaries. I am the District Leader and love teaching lessons every Tuesday. Actually. I got sick of teaching lessons last Tuesday and we played a game called "Maestro Mas Persuasivo" that deals with how well you teach and know the Lessons and the Scriptures. Back to the District. Elder Lopez from Columbia, Elder Aballay from Argentina, Elder Sanchez from Columbia and Elder Lema from Ecuador were all changed out of the District. I am sad to see them go... but I am still super stoked that I get to work with Elder Mejia, Pavon, and Castro. 3 of the coolest missionaries I have ever know. District Activities are an absolute BLAST! This change we want to go to Bucay... I hear there are some amazing photos to take of Waterfalls.
This week we will be baptising Santiago. I think I have said this for the last 5 weeks. But this time is for sure. We have ALL of his paperwork so that he can be married and he has been going to church for the last 3 months... so he is far more ready that any invstigator I have ever had. He will baptise his wife, mother, and brother in 2-3 weeks. We are going to wait for General Conference to be finished to have the baptisms.
We are also working miracles in Boliche. The Ward President (The Ward does not have a Bishop... but it isn´t a Branch) assigned 6 ward missionaries to help us and they are all super excited. Our days are now full of appointments with the help of the members and I feel that something big is on the horizon...
Oh- more marriages. Maria Chavez I believe will be married this month. When that takes place we will go forward with her baptism. This week we are also working on the marriage for Dario. That should take place this week... or next week at the latest. Marth Tomala, the mother of Santiago Vargas also wants to be married so we made a stop by the Registro Civil to take out some of her documents. Maybe that will happen in 2 weeks. All in all... we have 2 marriages planned for the next 2 weeks and 2 other marriages that could take place in 2-3 weeks. I have participated in 4 marriages during my mission and I absolutely love it when people decide to get married and to get baptised. I will try to end the mission with 10.
I received a package from home this week. I have new shoes and had some great No Bake Cookies. Thanks mom. I love you and Dad so much. The mission is flying by so fast. Mom, Please make time stop. (When I was little I thought my Mom and the Primary teachers could do anything... so one day I asked them to make me younger... that is when I learned that they can´t do everything).
This change will bring more miracles, stories, and growth.
Bring it on!

Elder Robinson

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