Monday, September 27, 2010

The Happenings of 7 Consecutive Days (Notices from the Middle World)

Family and Friends,
I love the title of my new section that describes my weekly happenings... that I decided to name my letter to ya´ll in favor of this most important section. So if you will please read on...
The Happenings of 7 Consecutive Days (Notices from the Middle World):
SANTIAGO VARGAS WAS BAPTISED!!! We finally got Santiago into the waters of baptism... it was not an easy process... and Satan was against us the entire time... but we finally did it!
Friday Santiago was married to his wife Sara Suarez and then he had his interview with the Zone Leaders and a phone call to the President. He passed his interview and we started putting the finishing touches on his baptism. That night we stopped by his house to see how he was doing and to remind him of everything that was going to happen the next day. As we were leaving I reminded him that in the next 24 hours Satan was going to fight against him... in every way possible.
The next day we set everything up for the baptism, made some agendas, and then we started inviting everyone to the baptism. That night Santiago and his wife showed up a little late... Satan had done some dirty work. Santiago decided to go play some soccer before his baptism to keep his nerves down. He was returning home when he got in a wreck on his motorcycle. With a quick run to the hospital, a bumbed foot, and some stitches... he said he was well enough to be baptised. Nothing was going to stop him. As I entered the water I noticed he was wincing... but the baptism was completed. Sunday he was confirmed a member of the Church.
We are preparing an activity for the 23rd of October. "Día Como Misionero!" (Missionary Day!). We will start at 6:30 in the morning, have a breakfast, 4 hours of "MTC" time, and then the entire afternoon to teach and preach. All the members of ages 12+ are invited and EVERYONE that isn´t a member. When Santiago heard about the activity... he asked us... "even though I have a wife and a child... can I be a missionary for a day?" YES! His conversion is practically complete. When KM26 becomes an independent branch at the end of the year... I bet you anything he will be a Councilor or the Branch Secretary. Super powerful convert. This is why I am a missionary... to find and teach people like him. He will baptise his wife and brother (and maybe his mother) in 2 weeks... along with 5-6 other baptisms that will be taking place in the chapel.
We will be changing our house to KM26 next week. I am a little frustrated with how slow the process is... but that is life... paperwork.
I don´t have anything else to say. Ask me questions if you want to learn something more. Get ready for General Conference!
Here are some pictures:
Picture 1: My district/zone. Crazy guys but I love them to death! GO MILAGRO!!!
Picture 2: Who just can´t be in love with rivers and nature? BOLICHE!
Picture 3: My Jersey that says "PILSENER" (popular beer) but now says "Robinson"
Picture 4: Elder Castro (Columbia) with Santiago Vargas a week before he was baptised.
Picture 5: Us with Family Vaca (Cow). They feed us every Sunday and I love them to death!
Love you all,

Elder Robinson

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