Monday, February 8, 2010

Fwd: Pday= Party Day!

Family and Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to read your favorite news clip of the week as I now attempt to put one week of service, experience, love, passion, and the drama of missionary work in one email.


Shout Out: Leticia Villalva, Dayana Villalva, and Milton Bravo. These are the names of our three baptismal candidates that we baptised this week. It was a great experience and all three of them are the newest happiest members of La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Dias. Listo pues... sigue adelante!

My Week: Was super normal. I woke up every morning at about 6:30 (for most of you that is 4:30). This was "most of the time" seeing as how we live in a run down home that has a piece of work for a phone. Our phone (all mission houses have a phone and they are programmed by the office to work as our alarms.) is very selective as to what days it actually wants to ring. Fortunately, here in Ecuador, the seasons never change, they just get wetter and drier. So every morning the light is the same at 6:30. This means as I am rolling over in my bed (that is broken in half) my spider senses can tell me "Elder Robinson, it is bright enough to be 6:30, wake up!" And I will wake up, look at the clock and it always says 6:40... LEVANTESE ELDER BRADSHAW!

I work out every morning at about 7. We have one weight and it dubbs for a pushup bar tambien. With crunches and our workout bands I can get a pretty decent workout... but don´t expect muscles when I get back. Like a rubber band can do that...

At 7:30 I shower. Cold. I think a spounge bath would do better. Sometimes we only have a drizzle coming out of the spout and... that is hardly sufficient to damp oneself.

At 8 I study. I currently have a new goal to read all of Jesus the Christ and I am loving it so much that I might just have it done before summer comes around again. Wait... did summer ever leave?

At 9 my companion and I talk about girls and family... I mean... we study as a companionship. We learn lots and memorize lots. I really enjoy companionship study... but as you can guess we should be a little more diligent with it.

At 10 I study the language. Things like the subjunctive tense, the preterite tense, the perfect tense... it all makes me really tense.

At 11ish we go to work.

at 1 we have our only meal of the day (We usually don´t have breakfast) this meal ALWAYS consists of a soup and rice with some sort of meat, usually chicken. I might cry when I come home and there is no one to serve me soup, chicken, and rice. Yesterday we had lunch with Familia Muñoz. As we were eating I had to laugh as everyone was calling everyone else fat. In the Latin culture it is quite normal to describe someone by using their weight. I use it quite often, kindof like this:

"Excuse me, can you tell me who the little fat woman was that was sitting on the back row?"


"Yes, we have a lesson with Familia Rojas, yeah, he is the man with black skin and a big gut."


We finish our day at 9ish. Plan for the next day and prepare for bed.

Normal? Yep, I do it every day, every week... for the next year and a half.

Weird news:

My companion had to get his hair cut today. It was almost .5 cm´s long. We found a place that was open and walked in. Seeing as how the Latin Culture is so blunt, the first thing that came to my mind was... wow, that woman is UGLY. We sat down. It was not until 10ish minutes later when I was marvalling at how ugly this woman was when I noticed that she had facial hair. With great surprise I realized she was not a "her" but actually a "he." There are TONS of crossdressers here... I just don´t understand.

President Johns was at our sacrament meeting yesterday. It was really great to see him. He was there for some meetings afterwards, but it was perfect, seeing as how we confirmed 3 people in church. I actually confirmed someone for my first time. Kinda cool how it works and what words come to your mind.

President Johns waved to us when he left. Funny story, I will tell you all when I get home.

Love you all,

Elder Robinson

PS, Christy, My new neice is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you. Good work.

PPS, we decided that we were going to have a party today and watch a movie. We bought an icecream cake and tons of candy and are going to the church to watch the entire series of "Doctrine and Covenants, the Companion Teaching Set" YEAH MOVIES!

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