Monday, December 7, 2009

It´s in the singing of a street corner choir...

Amados familias y amigos,

Shout Out: Dad, Ann, Spencer, Jeff... and all of you that are still in school and preparing for finals. Best wishes to you. Study hard. Pray. Good luck!

Mi Semana: (...its going home and getting warm by the fire...)

So if I had to truely describe Naranjito in a way that everyone could understand: Cokeville WY. There is just something about being in the middle of nowhere, dirt roads, open fields, and cows that just makes it feel like WY and Cokeville. Naturally it is a little more green than WY, but it is HOT, Dusty, and quite dry. Thus... Cokeville WY.

This week we had a lot of fun going places. We went to San Fransisco, Milagro, Guayaquil, San Carlos, and the Bridge of NOWHERE.


San Fransisco: There is a family of members that live here. The problem is that they live in the middle of nowhere, 30 minutes away, and did I mention that it was in the middle of nowhere? They live in the fields, their neighboors are family and then their next neighbors are 10 minutes away in the next field.

Milagro: Why not? Actually, we just have to travel through it. We really weren´t there.

Guayaquil: We had Zone Conference this week. Zone Conference for Milagro y Truinfo is in Guayaquil. I don´t really know why, I think it is easier for the President. For us... 1.5 hours of travel. A veces 2 hours of travel.

Zone Conference was a blast. I saw Elder Thayne and Elder Peterson. Two Elders that I have not seen since my first day here in Ecuador (I lived in the MTC with them). I still have yet to see Elders Johnson and Sawyer, though rumor has it that Sawyer is really sick and has been for months. I don´t think he will be leaving Guayaquil soon, if at all during his mission (and then there is me... who has yet to serve in Guayaquil).

I learned a TON in Zone Conference. I can´t really describe it all, but it is always a great experience to learn from the President and the Assistents. The Area Presidency is different here in South America. There is a New Presidency and they have established the rule that before baptism a person only needs to go to Sacrament Meeting 2x... this is new for us. 3x was the rule before. YEAH! More people to baptise! This will be interesting to see how this affects the mission.

San Carlos: This is the town next to our town of Naranjito. San Carlos has no Elders, they were taken out and San Carlos was closed because there was no success (small towns can be rough on missionaries). San Carlos is part of our sector. We have lunch there every Wednesday. Wednesday we were going to have an intercambio with the District Leader, but because he lives 2 hours away we have a meeting point: the Bridge to Nowhere (it actually has a name, but it is in the middle of nowhere.)

Bridge to Nowhere: My companion and I left for the bridge at about 9:30 in the morning. We have to take 2 busses to get there. at 10:30 we arrived at the bridge to nowhere. We got off of our bus and sat under the man made shelter that sits at the crossroads of two highways. We watched busses go by, cars, police... every now and then there were people with us waiting for busses... we talked, we tried to share our message, we memorized scriptures... for 3 hours. We decided that the District Leader was not going to show up so we left. We went to San Carlos and had a great meal and charla con un amigo de un miembro.

When we got back home we had a message waiting for us from 9:45. The District Leader was sick and was unable to make it to the Bridge to Nowhere. Something about not being able to leave the bathroom.

Interesting week.

Also! The Christmas Devotional! Amazing! I loved it LOTS! At least the songs are in English. And the talks were great!

Wierd News: (´s true wherever you find love...)

So I was asked why there is always a white boat in the back of my pictures. So here is my answer...

Those pictures are from Machala. We had the chance to see the ocean every monday, if we wanted. When we were at the ocean their was really only one dock for us to go to. At this dock we took pictures. Always there was a White Boat in the background... the Aukland Star. I think this is a company and I think they own the dock. I think it is always a different boat but it always looks the same and it always has the same name... or it is the same boat every week. I doubt that.

Talk about weird news.

Also... If I had to say that the most beautiful thing I have seen here in Ecuador... besides the people... THE LAND! Whoa. ok. Near Guayaquil EVERYTHING is dead. I don´t know why. But in Pasaje and the places far distant from Guayaquil are BREATHTAKING. The mountains are huge, the green is green, the sky... oops, yeah never saw that in Pasaje... clouds. But I love the land. When the rains come I think we will finally see how beautiful Guayaquil can be.


1. The yellow tie and the man that can´t see (milagro)
2. The power of talking
3. Learning through discussion
4. Gomez-Troya
5. Wishing somehow you were here to see what I can see

Wish Washes of Warm Wishes,

(... it feels like Christmas!)

Elder Robinson

(for those of you that cant figure out all of the "..." here is the song:

It's in the singing of a street corner choir
It's going home and getting warm by the fire
It's true, wherever you find love it feels like Christmas
A cup of kindess that we share with another
A sweet reunion with a friend or a brother
In all the places you find love it feels like Christmas
It is the season of the heart
A special time of caring
The ways of love made clear
It is the season of the sprit
The message if we hear it
Is make it last all year

Go watch the "Muppet Christmas Carol"

Also my favorite quote right now:

I´ll guard my post no matter where,
believing God must need me there,
For Great and Small there is but one test,
´Tis that each man will do his best.

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