Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Entre de Navidad y Año Nuevo... :)

Family and Friends,

I don´t have a ton of time to write... I was sending you all pictures. But I really wanted to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I was in Guayaquil today trying to buy some things so that I could listen to the really cool music my mom sent me. A guy tried to sell me some speakers for $18, I told him I would keep looking. $15. Nope, I will not spend more than $10. Please! Please! Please! $13, no less. Sorry bud.

Moral of the story: I walked away with my speakers for only $10. He was a little sad but... I know they have been used before and in the markets of Guayaquil I would not be surprised if everything has been previously stolen.

We saw these amazing masterpieces of art. At this time of year everyone has Manaquines, and for New Years they will burn them ALL. I hear that at midnight the first of January it is impossible to sleep in Guayaquil. Good thing I am an hour and a half away.

I had the great time talking to my family this week. Mary as well. I am so glad that I was invited to Michelles Marriage Lunch. Please save me a seat in the back, I should be a little late.

I wanted to ask if anyone has seen some GREAT american movies. Please, don´t ever be ashamed to tell me if you have.

I love being a missionary and as this New Year starts I am going to go to work with ALL my might, heart, mind, and strength. I really would not have it any other way. Why else be a missionary?

I love you all,

Elder Robinson

Picture: One of those really cool things they burn newyears night... they look like whatever they want them too... people, movies, the hulk, Obama...

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