Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sorry, the Maas family is seriously slacking on the emails. We stay busy but don't do anything different so there isn't a whole lot to write about.
I didn't get much sleep last night H1N1 is in the neighborhood, and though my kids don't have it, they have been sick, and Ben was tossing and turning all night, sad not feeling well kid...it was wierd and exausting. :(
Hm our daily routine
6:30 wake up eat breakfast, wake kids
7:00 leave the house
Drop off at daycare
Study till class
Go to class
Study after class
5:30 pick up kids
Make dinner
Family activity (currenlty we are making a pinata)
Prayers, Brush teeth, Pj's, Scriptures
PUt kids to bed
Jeff & Ann Time (often doing more homework)
10:00 Bed time
   x7 and thats our week.
I am still looking for the pictures we took of your b-day cards. I'd be the slacker sister that didn't get it out on time, but to my defense, we don't live in UT and couldn't add them to the family's packages. Sorry, myabe they are still on the camera, I'll find them!
Have a great day, I have to get back to homework.

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